Best airy and smooth Power cord for trans & dac

I need a powercord for my transport and birdland audio ag dac that has lots of air and is smooth.I keep hearing about the Elrods.
I am a fan of the Elrod Sig 3 but no the Sig 2. I use the 3 mainly on power amps. I was not impressed with the Sig 2 on my CDP or preamp and currently use a Foundation Research L-1 power cord there.

The Elrods are pretty natural, with very good balance, with some thickness in the mids versus some other cords I have tired but this was only slightly and overall I preferred the Elrod.

Happy Listening.
Big what did you not like about the Elrods on your cdp and what made you like Foundation R. L-1 better.
I have the Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon power cords on my power amp and my CD player. Very detailed and smooth.
I can't recommend the Omega Mikro active power cords highly enough,especially on digital gear.I sell them and wouldn't use anything else.Please contact me if interested.They have a 30 day return policy,so you won't get stuck,if not to your satisfaction. Tom
second the Foundation Research LC-1, great on the transport as well, but best on the Dac (if you only have one). I tried several cords on my Audiologic 24MXL dac, but ended up sticking with the LC-1. **Note- be careful with LC-1's going into balanced power conditioners- for whatever reason, the LC-1 does not play nice in the sandbox with the BPT conditioner, and prefers a passive unit, or even better, to be plugged directly into the wall...