Best air guitar? drums?

Who gets you jumping around faking cords and wiggling your fingers?
The first group that comes to my mind is the Fucking Champs (a truly assanine name for an otherwise great band, "Champs" was already taken, see?), always good for an 'oh yeah? well try to count through THIS!'
For arm flailing, foot tapping, and steering wheel abuse I'll suggest the insurmountable challange of Don Caballero. Damon Che has at least three arms, and a seperate brain for each limb. Good luck.
Best air guitar song/Best song-substitute for amphetamines: REO Speedwagon - "Roll With The Changes".
Best air drums: Alice Cooper - "Halo of Flies".
Most likely to get off my duff and spontaneously dance around the room - countless songs by Prince

Most likely to spontaneously sing along - countless songs by Talking Heads.

Single song guaranteed to have me dancing, singing and playing an air instrument - "Burning Down The House" by Talking Heads

I love the drumming on the only release by The Turing Machine, especially the first song. I've never understood how really fabulous drummers can do it, often having four different things going on, one with each limb. Considering how few people can rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time successfully, I don't know how somebody keeps four different things going at the same time.

It's "And She Was" that would do it for me. TMBG is good for sing alongs also, and you aren't being outclassed by anyone's voice.
Prince I haven't figured out yet, there's too much stuff to know where to start.
I have some Turing Machine mp3s around somewhere, think I'll put them on now and see if I can keep up.