Best affordable Surge protector home stereo and my TV?

Novice guy here!

So I am slowly getting my system going now its nothing on the scale that most of you have but its what I can afford.



speaker wire---check

sub woofer--- check

60inch tv---check

Surge protector---????????????

Thank you.

Hey, here's my thinking on the subject, at length, but the short answer is $180. :)
The Furman PST-8 is solid for A/V purpose and pricing is very reasonable.
You don't need a surge protector. What you need- what is missing from your list that will make a big improvement- well it depends on what you have. If your receiver has a detachable power cord then a better one will make a big difference. If not then next would be interconnects. Then I see speaker wire, which if that's what it is then better speaker cables. None of these needs too be very expensive. Budget whatever seems reasonable. But they are not the same, performance is not determined by price, there are some great bargains and some real dogs but if you just take the time to search and find the good ones you will be amazed.

After wire next I would upgrade to Blue Quantum fuses and add ECT and some HFT. Only after doing all that would I bother with a conditioner. Actually no not even then. Upgrading from receiver to integrated amp is a lot more value.

But first just to get some idea what is possible do a little search on speaker placement. Almost everyone starting out is able to get really big improvement just by moving the speakers, with sometimes even very small adjustments yielding a surprisingly large improvement. Measure distances and angles, get them perfectly symmetrical, see if your imaging doesn't get dramatically better.