Best AES EBU dig cable for DCS Percell and Delius

Just purchased a DCS Delius and Percell and would like any recommended digital cables AES EBU that would be a good match.
My thought was to use a pair of Orchid digitals.
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I use the Stealth AES/EBU top of the line and it is absolutely flawless.All the Stealth is top notch.
Recommend you the Zu Cable Merv AES/EBU digital. It outperforms the Kimber D-60 which was used in my moderate system for 18 months (bear me comparing different format interface).
Excellent value also ($160/m)

Happy listening
when i got elgar ,purcell my choice was synergistic designer squared reference and kharma digital cables.
By a mile, NBS Monitor 0. I use them with the Purcell and Elgar. Very expensive, but substantially better than the Orchids, which I had before them.
I have the Illuminati Orchids in my system and I love
them. I auditioned them through the cable company. My choices at the time were the XLO Signature 4.1b and Synergistic Research D^2. My preference was the Orchid, the XLO and then the Synergistic Research. I burned each cable in for 72 hours straight before listening. IMHO the Orchid presented more soundstage, better focus and deeper bass and extended highs. The XLO was close second giving sounding a touch closed in when compared to the Orchid. Maybe I did not give the Synergistic enough time, but it never opened up for me even after 72 hours of burn in. I now have three Orchids in my system.

However let me temper this by stating the Orchids were at the top of my price range at the time. I have been told that the Tara One Digital is an excellent cable, but have no experience with the "super" expensive cables like the Tara or the NBS like Mgottlieb. :-)

Forgot to say that I am using them between a Purcell and a Delius. My transport is a Cal Delta (for now)...
- Dan
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