Two years ago I purchased the Swans M200 MKIII desk top active speaker that puts out 60 watts rms per speaker. They have a warm, rich, classic analog sound. I am considering moving up to their other active desk top model's, the new X6 that puts out 110 watts rms per speaker
or the T200B thats at 60 watts rms per side. Can anyone reccomend other brand's of active desk top speaker's that have high end sound under a thousand bucks. This is for two speaker's only without a subwoofer.
Quad 9l. I really enjoy these on my desktop. USB in. 60w amplification per side. Very nice sound.
Audioengine A2 or A5. The A2 was reviewed by Stereophile:
NHT M00s show as being available from AudioAdvisor for $299/pr. I use mine w a $100 NHT Passive volume control and $350 HRT MusicStreamer II+ and I am very very impressed. Would not call them warm, would call them transparent and neutral w surprisingly good imaging given that there are a 22" and a 19" flat panel monitor between them. YMMV.
M-Audio AV40' are not bad at all.
Can be had for ~$150.