Best acoustic -natural instruments CD's

Greetings. Just rifling through my CD's after obtaining new set of cables (MIT 770 CVT's) and wonder what are some of the absolute best acoustic/jazz recordings out there? My tastes range from Dead Can Dance to Holly Cole, Monk to Miles, K D lang to Tori Amos. I am looking for excellent discs that feature natural instruments (or a tasteful blend of both ala Dead Can Dance), and minimalist recording techniques. My tastes are very open but I am finding a need for new music. Any suggestions? P.S if you think most Diana Krall albums are well recorded, you may not want to give your input.... I think they suck. Thanks much. If you want to hear a INCREDIBLE RECORDING, check out Mary Stallings "Fine and Mellow" Canadian import on the Clarity label....unbelievable.
Actually, I think the Diana Krall CDs aren't that bad, so I guess that counts me out.
I find Tracy Chapman... "New Beginning" to be very well recorded and one cd that I not only listen to but I also use when auditioning different equipment.
Jennifer Warnes, The Hunter.
Very, very nice!
Also, the 40's stuff buy Linda Ronstandt.

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Try some of the M*A recordings. They are a bit eclectic to say the least. Todd Garfinkel travels all over the world and records groups that play instruments that you may not even be familiar with. One thing is consistent--his recordings are outstanding. He knows his equipment, limitations, and most of all Mic placement. Some of the recordings I don't know the instruments, but I feel like I do after I listen to his recordings of them. Calamus is a good one to start with, but the best is going to a show (like HE 2003) and listening because they vary quite a bit.
I would suggest a few:1.John Mclaughlin with Shakti-A Handful Of Beauty-;2.John McLaughlin with Shakti-Natural Elements-( not as great as the previous,recording quality is excellent).You will want Japanese Mastersound version for both.This is Indo-Jazz fusion at its best.3.Al Di Meola-Cielo e Terra-.Unusual music,not minimalist recording technique but sounds great;out of print,hard to find;German sounds much better than American,Japanese-much better than German.4.Try to find Japanese Dead Can Dance CDs.I know where to get those two McLaughlin's albums,Cielo e Terra sometimes shows up on ebay.