Best AC line conditioning devices?

Name your fave and any comparisons done. I'm particularly keen on this as I've experienced some great results (and some flubs) but I can't audition all. I admit to being extreme for isolation/conditioning for digital.
If you just want to cut to the chase, do try the Plasmatron at VH Audio. A very underrated product. What it does for digital is just wonderful. Analog benefits as well btw. I took mine to 6 audiophile friends houses and all but one bought a unit. The only holdout had just purchased a PS Audio powerplant regenerator.....we added this to his regenerator and the sound was so much better we were all just slack jawed......Unfortunately he had just spent a wad on his and would have to make it work... It was like vinyl spinning without the noise. He was saddened when I removed it. He asked if I was leaving it longer..... If you are in the Bay Area, you can try mine for an evening. Truely a big improvement. I have heard just about every conditioning configuration....then heard this and was smitten....the best I have heard by a large margin. More air, detail, space, texture and just a musical music seduction. Not cheap, but really worth an audition. Not every configuration will be magical so trying is imperative, just like any other component. The only DAC I did not like the synergy with was the Luxman. Just did not feel the connection. The 5 or 6 other DACs were magical. Contact vhaudio. Regards, PT
I tried various models from a few manufactures such as Shunyata, Ps audio, and Richard gray. they all sounded different/better but in the end I preferred my system without them. I recently auditioned the SR Powercell 10 se III and did experience a noticeable improvement also the SR in non current limiting am able to use it with my amps. I will be keeping it around highly recommended.
Thanks Plasmatech. "like vinyl spinning without noise" is the best quote I've ever seen describing the incredible benefits of isolation & conditioning for digital.
Thanks Ken. I understand Wadia p/s is very good. I'd be interested to hear the difference a Sound Application unit would make system.
Any chance you can audition?