Best AC Line Conditioner

I'm getting feedback when I turn up my amp and a line conditioner was suggested. Any opinions on a good one (new or used) for a college student on a small budget!! Do these things even work?
See the thread above on "Bargain Power Conditioners". The Monster HTS2000 is the best bet around, and can be purchased for $125 from Global Mart (
I've had very good luck with Panamax, but for the money the Monster line up is probably your best bet. Good luck.
Is your wall outlet grounded properly ?? for Panamax. I picked up a Max 1000 for $175. If you look around you cant even buy one used for that.
I'd say stay away from Panamax. I have three and one has died completely, one works irregularly, and one is fine. I replaced one with Monster was cheaper, it sounds better, and it has more outlets. I'd recommend the Monster in that price range.
But a BYBEE Signature on the used market. and enjoy your music! Gave up a Panamax 1000.