Best AC cord for Mesa Baron?

My used Baron I stole for cheap money came with two different power cords.Thinking that I don't want to spend huge money and want to replace my MIT and Monster 2.2 with an all Mapleshade rig.Seems this company has reasonably priced cords and I like their less is more approach with recordings they make.Guess the Omega Mikro is the high end of this stuff.maybe used.Rest of system consists of Mac 712 pre which will be with me for a while as I am trying on speakers many of which are different.B&W vs say Audio Physic.Right now have nice little pair of Ehodin horn load monitors but they can't rock and roll so 803's and Virgo's on short list.Any suggestions on cabling?Cheers!
If you use a dedicated circuit, the "quality" of the power cord won't matter all that much. Try a dedicated 20 AMP circuit. Then take your existing power cord and chop the ends off and install Hubbell "hospital-grade" IEC and power plug ends. The circuit might run you ~$200 to have an electrician install, and the power cord might cost you ~40 for parts, and maybe 1/2 hour of your time.
I have always liked the Custom Power Cords by David Blair. His "Top Gun" power cord won a T.A.S. Golden Ears award. I'm not trying to be mercenary but I have upgraded to this cord and have his entry level cord available. Good luck which ever way you go!