COMMENTS from end-users on the MARANTZ SR18.
Iv'e heard every flagship receiver. yamaha,onkyo integra,denon and marantz and chose the b and k 202 to be as good as any for home theater, and by far the best for music.and the newer 307 model has more power and upgraded dacs and sounds even better.
Although I am in the market for a Dolby Digital Receiver, I am looking at one in a more modest price range (About $450.00 to about $600.00........ and one that is good for music (it doesn't have to be great..... I already have a music system........ a KEF/MIT/Adcom/Magnum Dynalab system), but even better for home theater. I am looking at a Harman/Kardon AVR-110 or AVR-210 and an Onkyo TX-DS575X). But I guess in the upper-end of a given price range, the Marantz SR18 sounds like it is as good as any flagship A/V Receiver I have come across in the last three years. If I was shopping in that price range, I would give it a shot. But I would also look at a B&K AVR 307 and a Denon AVR-5800. But I would have some concerns/reservations about the Onkyo Integra DTR-9.1/Onkyo TX-DS989. It's been read in two publications ("The Perfect Vision" and "Widescreen Review") that these receivers do not like to deal with difficult speaker loads when high output levels will be used (which is sometimes neccessary for the full enjoyment of home theater). Just some more information for you to consider. --Charles--
Still the Outlaw Audio 1050. Apart from the 6.1 surround sound, which is excellent, beyond the rated 65 watts, I have used it with my Sonographe amp as a pre-amp at times so I know the front end is credible. The internal switching makes video as good as dvd direct to the monitor and you can adjust db levels in all channels on the fly from the remote. Outlaw has sold a ton of them at $600 and you never see them for sale, used. I have no connection with the Outlaws but their product which is amazing at the price.