Best a/v rack for under 500.?

I'm currently looking for a better a/v rack with wood shelves that would closely match with my Magnepan 1.6 in natural cloth and cherry sides. My system components consists of: Odyssey Stratos amp, Rogue 66 pre, CAL Sigma dac, Sony 7700 dvd, and a Sony Wega 27" tv. Would like the rack to be visually appealing and at the same solid.
Check out the Atlantis Reference Rack 5, dioscounted to about $450 - $500 by various dealers on audiogon. Easy to assemble, optional cones and spikes, solid as a rock, fillable with "ballast" and lloks quite good. I have two of them and find them the best value/performance mix -- without going nuts on the high end, high buck suspension racks, etc. Available in Balck and four or five wood grains, I think Cherry is one of the finishes. Not sure if they make a TV/AV combo rack, but they do have a wide variety.--Lorne
Check out Contours by Vantage Point. Nice stuff for the price...
I was considering the Atlantis Reference rack but received a e-mail from a guy who mentioned that when he used a tv on top, the top shelf sagged or bent because of the lack of center support. I'd be using a Sony 27" whichare known for being heavy. Do you know anything about Studio Tech stands? Thanks, Bradz
The Studio Tech stuff is great too. I have a pair of their "hifi series" speaker stands that are basically Target replicas for about half the price. I think they are about $399 retail. Very nice...