Best A'gon System

Just curious, what is your favorite A'gon system? It doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive, but please tell us what is it about the system that you choose that you like best about it.

For me, there was a system and I can't find it anywhere now (might have been in "Ever Evolving" or "Done For Now"), but it was in the most soothing looking room ever. It was in a large bedroom with hardwood floors and a couple of steps down and a white bedspread. The equipment was on top of the dresser I think and featured a Music Reference RM9 and a pair of floor standing ProAcs. Or it could have been a Nesterovic amp? If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please post a link to it, and then let us know which is your favorite and why. Thanks
Well my favorite system is mine because I get to listen to it!

Not sure how to make a hyperlink here sorry.
Having never heard any but my own, it's hard to say other than I love a nice simple easy to maintain, well thought out system in a room with a view. I'll keep an eye open and report back.
I like Audiogon's updated feedback system. It used to be where anyone could leave feedback for whatever reason they wanted to. Now they're system is like ebay's. It gets tied to a purchase.
I can only judge by looks, but the performance contest is unfair without listening. So far mine beats them all by default.
Albert Porter system come to my mind ...............
I like Albert's system very much also. But... I love mine.
Lou, I know which system your talking about but couldn't find it either.
As for favorite? That would take some research but it would definitely be one with great pics.
Albert Porter is professional photographer, so the best pictures are overthere in his system.
Who can say what the best system is?

Of course they could well all be wrong.
What would happen if it were determined that some measly 4 digit system in these parts was best?

All hell would break loose. Could be the end of times.
In all seriousness, teh best system has to be judged based on scale/quantity ie ability to go loud and clear in a large room as well as inherent sound quality. Otherwise, almost any system might be chosen as best.

So I would lean towards teh systems that use unique technology that enables good sound on the largest scale and are in teh largest rooms.

I'd lean towards teh biggest best executed mbl system in a large room for that myself. Or maybe something more conventional with field coil drivers and some inherent high efficiency. Maybe toss in a few big powerful high quality subs as well.

It will probably help to be running in a well constructed large palacial home or room.

In teh rooms that most of use have to work with, it could be a much harder call.
Ok, good points everyone....let's try it another way - Which A'goner has the best looking listening room? And what is it about their listening room that you like?

Maybe it's the gear they have, their furnishings, room treatments or just the simple layout or comfort of the room itself, or perhaps the room overlooks a scenic area.

Albert Porter, Mike Levine, Rockitman, Ozzy, BabyBear... I dream of each one...
Albert Porter's system, there is no contest. I've seen it, touched it, heard it. GREATNESS.
Have you heard all of them...?? If not, then you can't make that statement..!
If you could enjoy any of the systems here for one hour, which one would it be?
The best system I've heard is owned by some guy who calls himself Zavato

But what does he know?