BEST 90's Audio Gear that holds its own today.

Your list if any.
B&W Silver Signatures
Vimak DT-1000 Transport
Vimak DS-1800 DAC
naim 250 amp
CJ 8--The XS version---EL34's just give you more of that"why you bought tubes" sound--(compared to 6550 version).Theta Data 3, because transports do matter.
- Technics SP-10 MK II/III turntable
- Audio Research SP-11 preamp
- Infinity Beta speakers
- Mark Levinson 27.5 amp
Thiel CS3.6
Rowland Model 6, 8Ti and 9Ti solid-state amps. Rowland Coherence II solid-state preamp.

There is a lot of gear from the 90's that is still very competitive, especially amps and preamps. I think it's fair to say that the major advances have mostly taken place in the realm of digital, which makes sense, as CD players are computers (and thus generally getting better all the time).
With the exception of digital products, anything that was competitive in the 90s should still be quite competitive now. it's not like there have been any fundamental advances in sound reproduction in the past 15 years. A lot of worthwhile refinements, but nothing earth shaking.
ARC LS5mkII preamp.
I agree with Onhwy61...pretty much everything should still hold it's own, maybe even some of the digital stuff?

I own some 90's gear so will mention those:

Krell Ksa-250/Amp
Apogee Duetta Signatures/Speakers
Audioprism Mantissa/Tubed pre-amp

Linn Klout amp and Kairn preamp.
dCS Elgar - debuted in 1996 and still in production with minor software changes and the addition of Firewire input.

Marantz CD-7.

YBA Integre amplifier.

Sonus Faber Extremas.
Hey Jvogt, The infinity speakers do NOT hold up,
because the foam has rotted by now.
Do you have Beta speakers? If so, when did you
replace the foam?
Pass Aleph. The Aleph P pre amp with remote is listing higher than 2-3 years ago. The amps continue to sell easily/fast.
I don't have Betas but a friend owned a pair and I'm
familiar with their sound.

I did own RS-1b's which are the preceeding model. They
were also superb, though I think the Beta woofer column
was better.

I sold by RS-1b's about three years ago, but they worked
perfectly with the original components.
Krell KSA 250
1/ VAC Avatar Integrated
2/ Any Jadis tube amp
3/ Wadia CD transports and DACs
4/ Audio Physics Virgo
5/ VPI turntables

Just bought a pair of the Rowland Model 6. It is the best amp I have owned to date. Made the Manley 250's sound anemic. Could be the synergy with the Vr-7SE. I took the chance since Jeff Rowland has a high reputation and should be in business awhile
Nothing this week .
Sony ES
Pioneer Elite
Infinity Cresendo Series (speakers).
Threshold T-50
Forte 4A
Forte 6
Densen DM-10 MK2
Marantz MA-24