Best 845 tube out there?

I am running a pair of Cary CAD-211AE monoblocks with the standard no-name Chinese tubes shipped by Cary. Whilst I am happy with the sound, I think I should buy a pair of 845's to keep as backup in case something happens to these tubes.

Because I will need to buy FOUR of them, this rules out any tube that sells for stupid money (e.g. vintage RCA 845 tubes).

The only current production 845's I am aware of are:

- Shuguang 845 "standard"
- Shuguang 845B
- Shuguang 845C
- Shuguang PSVANE 845
- KR Audio 845

I have found reviews of the Shuguang 845B and 845C, but there is virtually no information out there on the new Shuguang "psvane" 845. Has anybody heard this valve, and is it a noticable improvement over the 845B and C? Also, what do people think of the KR?

I’m running a Melody AN845 in a 3rd system...also very interested in findings of the best 845s for this amp. I have Thoress 845 monos that I’m running Elrogs in, and they are awesome and a clear upgrade from the Shuguang As and Bs in the Thoress amps. However, they didn’t make the same music in the Melody...not bad, but I think I preferred the As in the Melody over all other pairs ironically...including the Melody branded 845s. I have the Melody driving some Altec Valencia 16 ohms with updated crossovers and its an awesome 3rd system, but I am interested in maxing out the performance, and curious about the WE 845 types that might be compatible with the Melody.
@parsons  Good to know about the Elrogs in the Melody, they're pretty pricey. How would you describe the difference between the Shuguang 845A and B?

Are these what you're using?
I will get the WE845 Shuguang tomorrow, let them burn in for a couple of days (if not more) and will let you know how it goes on.

t_ramey, on my amp the 845B (without top mica) was a nice improvement over the standard in terms of soundstage and treble.

Awesome ecll80. Look forward to what you think of the WE version.

I absolutely loved my PSVane WE Replica 845s in my Sophia Electric 206 powers 845 monoblocks.  They took the system to another level, particularly in the midrange, over the stock Shuguang 845 B (or A?  I can't remember).  I've since sold the Sophias and the WE 845s and switched to an OTL amp.  The journey never ends.

I did thoroughly enjoy my time with the 845s, though, and my audiophile friends (and my wife of course) all thought I was crazy to change anything as that was the best my system had sounded to that point.  The OTL sound is pretty special too, though, if you have the right speakers for them. 

I highly recommend the WE 845 replica tubes and hope you enjoy them as much as I did.