Best 845 SET mono amps?

I've been in search of a pair of 845 SET mono bloc amps. I have heard great things about the DeHavilland 845 amps but Kara Chaffee tells me she no longer builds them. Recommendations for other great sounding 845 SET amps?
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Phil (213Cobra) loves his Audion.
I have a deHavilland Aires 845G .
I can mention all its superlatives but the fact that I use this amp to drive my Hornings and receive its signal from my Tron should say how good it is.
Now I'm wondering why I'm thinking about selling it and trying a 300B.
Just a change I guess.
I once heard some spectacular 845 monos designed by Yori Komuro, who now does the amp design work for Absolare. Have not heard them, but the word from shows and reviews seems uniformly promising.

Other options are Cary, Mastersound.

Anyone compare the Cary 805AE amps to the ones mentioned. I am seriously hooked on the SET sound having purchased a Line Magnetic LM-219IA amp. It is wonderful and I wonder what else I can expect from something "better" if that's possible. I am interested in Audion and Viva. What else do you guys recommend? Thank you in advance.
In the future, we are using crystals to power our speakers.
What is your budget and what are the rest of your equipment, particularly preamp and speakers?
My friend owns the Absolare SET mono's with the matching SET preamp & I 2nd Triode's comments. They sound sublime driving his Marten Coltrane 3's in his small-medium size listening room with some nice Elrog tubes rolled in. Though in a medium or large room, I would go for the hybrid mono's with his Coltranes as they have better low impedance drive, yet retain the SET's sound signature.