Best 845 amp?

Your take on the best 845 amp?
Have a look at this thread:

As for me, I'm using a Bel Canto SET40 and love it.
Great thread Dean! Thanks for pointing that out. There's some excellent points made there. I heard a BelCanto SET 40, albeit briefly, and was impressed with what I heard. Not long enough to wax poetic on the experience though. Next time I'm in L.A. you'll have to spin some tunes for me!

Unison research 845 smarts monos and for less money the Unison research S8 integrated.

Both terrific sounding with the smarts being the best.

With only 24 watts it's interesting to noticed how well they could drive most speakers easily,had them with full range VR4s,Vandersteen and Alons speakers.

Music really was lite from within.

Boo hoo I miss it...

I was mesmerized by the Viva Verona 845 based amp used with my Avantgardes, along with their very fine phono stage and preamp. The sonic performance achieved prior to this was fantastic in many ways. But with the Viva inserted, the overall performance transcended analysis and instead left me with the emotion, vibrance, and presence of real music, real musicians. The most realistic-like sound I’ve ever heard. These amps are worth checking out. Also, I understand that the Viva Solista integrated, also 845 based, combines the circuit of the Verona with the circuit from their preamp, and gets close to the sound of using these separates. I have yet to try the Solista, but have good faith in the person who mentioned its sonic attributes.
Forgot to mention that the Viva amp is one powerful unit. Some people use them to drive very difficult loads such as Sound Labs.
I had forgotten the earlier 845 thread. To update the bit about the 845C and 845M tubes sold by Super TNT and produced by Shuguang, both of these tubes are currently available, both are "metal plate" tubes, and SuperTNT confused the issue by introducing a new version of the "M" without changing their model designation! The original "C" and "M" tubes were essentially the same. Confused? Join the club. The good thing is that both the current "C" and "M" tubes are excellent. I just bought a pair of new-production 845Cs from Sophia Electric and like them a lot, though they are the brightest (visually) tubes I ever saw. Dave
Check out the deHavilland Aries 845-G SET amps with the Shuguang 845Bs tubes. Very nice and not too too expensive.
Nobody mentioned the Consonance 845. Its 211 version got a rave review on Enjoy the Music. Anyone tried them?
Based on my experience with the Audion Black Shadow mono 845 amps, I'd have to recommend the current updated version, the 3-chassis Elite. Audion amps have a very specific signature that is exceedingly natural, fast and dimensioned. I've heard the deHavilland, the Consonance, the Verdier and the Bel Canto. There isn't a clunker among them so you can't really go wrong with any. But the Audion 845 circuit is uniquely musical and involving. That circuit can use all of the current Chinese 845s, which makes the sound tunable. The Shuguang 845C lower disspation just makes it and delivers 20% less power. It runs a little hot but is stable and sounds great. The new SuperTNT 845M of course is fully in operating range and may be preferable for both sound and longevity reasons. The KR 845 is a drop-in substitution in the Audion circuit. I haven't heard it but the Audion CEO recommends it and thinks it sounds sublime.


There is also the JC Verdier 845 Luxe.
I have had great experience with Antique Sound Lab 1009-845 which is a push pull with 60W.
looks interesting too.
Art Audio Carissa is a very, very, nice 845 amp.
Any thoughts on the Cary 805/211 Anniversary?
I have heard the Unison research monoblocks and use a Viva Solista 845 SET integrated as Tubes 108 pointed out, they are a great line. They are hard to find but a SOLISTA IS FOR SALE ON TTHE GON SITE NOW. I bought mine 2nd hand on this site and it will be prised from my cold lifeless fingers when I pass on to the great listening room in the sky
Is the SuperTNT 845C ($128/pr) the same tube as Sophia's 845 Metal plate ($210/pr)"

From reading all the the comments here and AA, the "new" 845M is not as transparent & detailed as the 845C?

As the new US distributor of the Italian New Audio Frontiers 845 SET amps (absolutely stunning sounds, aesthetics and construction), absorbing all the 845 tube info!

Thanks, guys!

Jim Ricketts
tmh audio
I own the original deHavilland Aries SET 845 mono block amps-25 watts x 2, paired with deHavilland Verve 6SN7 tube preamp & 1983 Klipsch Cornwalls. It is my favorite amp sonic wise that I own. The deHavilland Aries G model is the 30 watt x 2 new & improved model. Have not heard other 845 SET amps, so I have no reference of comparison.

I also own Welborne Labs SET 2A3 Moondogs mono block amps with ultimate upgrade parts-factory assembled, Welborne Labs Reveille 6SN7 tube preamp-factory assembled. Mcintosh MC7150 autoformer power amp, Mcintosh C38 preamp & Llano Phoenix CAS 300/VA2 mosfet/tube hybrid power amp. VA2 voltage section uses 6SN7, 6SL7 & 12SN7 tubes. Currently using 12SX7 tubes in the VA2. There are 2 outputs on the Mcintosh C38 preamp & I have both the Llano and Mcintosh amps hooked up. I bought a George Wright AU-1000 12BH7 tube preamp off of Audiogon earlier in the week. It has not shipped yet. I am going to use the Wright preamp with the Llano Phoenix amp.
Tmhaudio, re the 845C question, I don't know. Sophia claims theirs is new production. SuperTNT, having stopped selling the original "C" under their own name and discouraging people from buying it, may well be selling from old stock. I had a pair of the "original" C version and did not like it as well as the "B" in my amps. But this new one from Sophia is much better. To me it's certainly worth the difference in price, which shrinks a lot if you factor in the cost of getting it shipped from China (from SuperTNT).
Dopogue - thanks for the comments.

Two questions re: the "new" Sophia 845 metal:
1. Does it have any special requirements re: plate voltage? My understanding the original 845C had a problem in this area.

2. Are the overall power & dynamics reduced as reported in the original 845C?

Thanks again for the comments!
I'm not technically knowledgable enough to be able to help, sorry. I do know that my amp designer/builder had to alter the bias substantially (up or down? don't know) to accommodate the 845Cs after my using 845Bs. This despite the fact that Sophia said no bias change would be necessary.

Regarding dynamics, my sense is that these particular 845Cs are quite a bit more dynamic than the Bs. Whether they're more dynamic than the original Cs, I'm not sure but I think so. Dave
Cadence Audio Canasya 845 PP 4- Tubes per blcok.
New Audio Frontiers mono SE Edtition,Unison Research Absoluut
Looking for a inexpensive 845 amp.Not familiar with Caztech. Info available is non existant. Manufacturer no longer in business.
It would be a true leap of faith for me to purchase one now for sale in my area.
Could I impose upon you to give your experience and if possible how you would rate it vs other 845 amps you may be familiar with.

Kind regards

Audion Black Shadow mono pair. Right behind that, the Sophia 845 mono pair. Both are SET. I make it a point to seek better 845 amps, having heard and spent time with every alternative discussed here, plus some that aren't mentioned. Nothing so far has matched the speed, tonal integrity, neutrality and dynamic clarity of the Audion monoblocks, with the Sophia approaching closest.

The new Shuguang Psvane 845 PSET monoblocks look promising but haven't heard them yet on speakers sufficient for evaluating them seriously.

Phil, Is the Audion still your favorite amp with the Zu speakers? Scott
Have you checked out the Coincident Turbo 845SE?
I have not but I will , thank you
I wouldn't go with coincident. Made in China, which I have no issue with as long as it's declared and priced accordingly.