Best 80s New Wave

I haven't seen too many posts on here regarding the '80s new wave/new romantic music scene. A lot of folks (including myself) have original vinyl copies of these artists, then bought the CD when they came out and are now buying the re-releases on 180g vinyl. What are some of your favorites? 

My favs are:
1. Pet Shop Boys - (Please, Actually, Introspective, Behaviour and Very)--CD and vinyl
2. New Order - Low Life, is this on vinyl? Technique is great on vinyl
3. Depeche Mode - Violator
4. The Smiths - The Queen is Dead
5. Propaganda - Secret Wish (Vinyl and CD)
Here's a few more 70's - 90's bands of note.

Rhythm Corps: A Detroit band who only released 2 albums and a local EP. They were originally called Rhythm Method; but, they lost a legal challenge for that name (which is a shame because if that is not a rock n' roll name, I don't know what is!).

The Reivers: An Austin based band that was originally called Zeitgeist; but, they also lost a legal challenge to keep that name.

The Shoes. I thought these guys were better than The Cars; who they were often compared to. I preferred the Shoes darker and heavier sound (more guitars, less keyboards).

have to say there are some mighty good lists here, and wonder if any of you live in Dallas as I've yet to meet anyone here who has a passing knowledge of "good" music. 

Only will repeat a few that I was pleasantly surprised some people picked up on:
  • The Chameleons - brilliant one of my favorites
  • Bill Nelson
  • Prefab Sprout - acoustic version of Faron Young is one of my favorites.
  • China Crisis - baselines are awesome throughout
  • Echo & the Bunneymen
  • Sisters of Mercy, The Mission all that goth stuff.
  • The Cult - Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum is one of my top 5 of all time
  • Blancmange
  • The Wedding Present
  • Men without Hats - underrated because everyone just thinks safety dance
  • The THE -
Some other goodies that perhaps I overlooked
  • Abecedarians - hugely underrated and less well known band from Los Angeles.  Released on EP on Factory Records.....but others on Caroline Records.   Seriously one of the best.
  • For Against - Great indy band from Lincoln Nebraska!!!
  • The Drowning Pool
  • Lowlife
  • Ride, Slowdive My Bloody Valentine...all the shoegaze stuff.
  • House of Love
  • Tones on Tail
  • Pale Fountains - Michael Head is a genius
  • Shriekback
  • Modern English - all of their stuff up to and including Ricochet Days is pure genius
  • The Wake - on Factory records
  • The Colourfield (and Fun Boy Three)
  • Prince - 1999 and and before
  • The dB's
  • Monochrome Set
  • Orange Juice - think someone said them....great call!
  • The Sound
  • A Certain Ratio

Love this thread.   I have one going with my closest friends who dig this music whereby every Friday we send each other a link to an 80's band (or one influenced by the 80's) that we are currently into.  Fun to be reminded of some old goodies.

@gunners01 Great lists!! Several people have listed groups I totally forgot about. New wave was so much fun and so many young people are into the music. My cousin (in her early 20s) loves Joy Division, PSB and many others.

Here are a few I remembered:
Belouis Some
Go West 
Talk Talk
Communards/Bronski Beat
Siouxsie and the Banshees
The English Beat
Billy Idol

First Wave (channel 33 on SiriusXM) plays a lot of this stuff. They have a good new wave dance show on Saturday nights. Thanks for joining the discussion! 
Will have to check out some of these as I hadn't heard the first two.   Not a huge Go West fan, but the others are golden.  Thanks!

I have several original pressing of the first several Xtc LPs.   They sound great.

We listen to First Wave a fair bit.  They play the Pretenders way too much for my liking....but it seems they are played on all of the Sirius stations.   Certain hours play 'deeper cuts' of New Wave, which I prefer.

I may have to go upstairs now, G&T in hand, and put a few on the turntable.
mitchagain - yes the Reivers (Zeitgeist) are awesome!!!!   Color me impressed with some of the name dropping here.   I saw the Reivers in college a couple of times and then again shortly after we moved to Dallas.  It was our anniversary dinner and we took the kids, and i just happened to see they were playing.  My wife and daughter loved them, my son was a pain in the arse all night long. 

This would have been about 3 years ago.  They did Legendary Man, Freight Train Rain, and Ragamuffin Man.   Classic. 

The debut album of The Beat (not the UK band, but the U.S. band lead by Paul Collins) was released in October of ’79, close to 1980. I think they are considered part of the New Wave, but what they were was a Power Pop Band, as were The Plimsouls. And that is funny, as both Paul Collins and The Plimsouls’ Peter Case were in a Group prior to those two Bands named The Nerves. The Nerves were a trio, the third member being Jack Lee, the writer of Blondie’s hit "Hanging On The Telephone" (which was included on the Nerves 7" EP).

Anyway, The Plimsouls were a good live band, The Beat a great one. And I mean great! I saw them at The Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Blvd. a few times, and my God did they rock! They were like Cheap Trick on steroids, or like The Beatles as played by The Who. One of the most exciting live Bands I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they were also a Band with only one great album in them. The second one wasn't nearly as good as the first, and it was downhill from there. Original guitarist Larry Whitman committed suicide in '97. peaked my curiosity with The Beat (US)!  I can't find them on i-Tunes.  Any suggestions where I could get a listen without buying vinyl first?  I love the Plimsouls so if they bear a resemblance I would give them a go.
@gunners01 If you like the Chameleons, you should check out Black Swan Lane. Mark Burgess and Yves Altana used to play with them. They moved from Manchester to Atlanta several years ago and have 7 or 8 albums out. I think that they sound like a mix of the Chameleons and the Church. Very high recording quality.
The 1980s included the original Gothic movement. Emerging from post-punk, it was inspired by art, music, literature, religion, spirituality.

Sisters of Mercy
The Mission UK
The March Violets
All About Eve
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Tones On Tail
Joy Division (late 70s)
Siouxsie & The Banshees
The Cure
The Virgin Prunes
Lords of the New Church
Southern Death Cult/ The Cult
Fields of the Nephilim
Rosetta Stone
Inkubus Sukkubus
The Damned
Xmal Deutschland
Christian Death
Alien Sex Fiend
Nick Cave
The Birthday Party
Clan of Xymox
Nico and The Velvet Underground (a major influence for the genre).

And if you were a part of this movement, there was no such thing as a "Goth." This term was used to describe the next generation of bands, fans, and poseurs.

I do not think REM was ever new wave in any way except that they were different from pretty much anything else. Always been a big REM fan. Saw them in a small venue right after their fourth album. One of the best concerts I've ever seen. Of course their career skyrocketed after that.

I've scanned the list and have not seen INXS. Where they new wave? Maybe early on? Recently bought their best of CD. A whole CD of great hits.
INXS definitely part of New Wave. Original Sin, I Need You Tonight, quite a few others played on 80s, 90s radio and in clubs.

thanks for the Black Swan Lane recommendation and link. 

The song in the link you sent was really, really good.  I downloaded several other tracks.   I'm not as keen on some of the acoustic numbers, but overall a really good find.  Thanks!
I have really liked the Chameleons since late middle school/early HS.  I spent much of my time listening to "Scrip" and "What Does Anything", and then payed more attention to some of the subsequent albums.   Actually in the last year or so I found the "Tony Walker" EP and really dig the song The Healer.

Curious, what tracks, LPs did Burgess play on BSL?
Again, thanks!

I believe that he played on the first 2 or 3 albums. You can check on the band history tab.  My favorites are the most recent "Under My Fallen Sky" and "The Last Time in Your light". BSL has a deal on their website where you can buy all 7 BSL albums (the entire catalogue) and some bonus discs for $50.BSL has a new one coming out this Fall.If you haven't heard The sun and Moon, you would enjoy them as well, although their discs are getting hard to find.
thanks. Downloaded several of the LPs.   Really good find. 
The Fixx has always been close to my heart. As has Roxy Music.
Would The Cure's "Disintegration" be considered New Wave?
Mark Burgess released the
"Sun and the Moon" after the Chameleons.
Very much worth a listen. 

George Marino and Barry are Diamont listed in the credits.
I had the record years ago, it was a high quality production. 

@simao Roxy Music and The Cure? Of course they're new wave. The Fixx were really good too.