Best '80s/'90s pop

My wife has a (round number) birthday coming up and I'm planning a party. This is her nostalgia music (but not mine)and I'm trying to come up with a band for her party, but I'm at a bit of a loss trying to figure out what they should play. Dancing is the key here and I know that the English Beat will be one data point. Suggestions on others?
depending on who you talk to, that was a good era for music.

Without going into a lot of detail, send me an email and I will put a list together for you.
Start collecting 80s pop/rock hit compilation CDs and chose from there. Or download mp3s.

Or if you have internet access and a means of burning your own CDs or ripping to disk, tune in any popular 80's oriented station and start recording/ripping.

If you have a Jack FM brand radio station in your area, those are another good source of lots of good 80's material. Their web sites usually have playlists and links to download the tunes as desired.
Are you looking to buy some compilations.

Old School Nation series by Hi-Bias is good - very well mastered.

I also like the Ben Liebrand Grand 12 Inches series (lots of extended mixes)

Another good one is Richard Blade's Flashback Faves series.

After the fire, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Simple Minds, Tommy Tutone, Madness, Ultravox, Siouzie and the Banshees, New Order, Fine Young Cannibals, Men at Work, Grace Jones etc etc.
Add to the excellent list above:

INXS, The Cult, The Producers, The Romantics, Michael Jackson, A Flock of Seagulls, Billy Idol, Romeo Void, Missing Persons, The Time, Prince, Prince, Prince, Prince, and Prince.
Thanx all.

I'm just looking to refresh my memory. If I hire a cover band for the party, I want to tell them what to cover. OTOH, The English Beat (or what's left of them, i.e. Dave Wakeling and a guy who does a passable impersonation of Ranking Roger) are now Santa Monica based. If they aren't too crazy expensive, we may use them.

BTW, Mac, my bride is from Minneapolis. More Prince, I guess.

Watch the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler , that will give you a good place to start. Cheers.
The thing is that the most popular bands of any time only produce a small % of the great tunes. To get a good representation, you need to sample a lot of music. That's where internet or over the air radio stations come in, particularly ones with good web sites that help you find out more about what's playing and what to buy.
get a dj
I agree, a DJ, or take suggestions off of here, make some iTunes playlists, which we do for parties, including adding videos, and do it yourself.
Yeah, getting a DJ that has the tunes you want is probably most practical solution unless you really want to invest the time needed to pull everything together and make it work without a hitch.

BTW, the OHM Walshes are awesome party speakers if you choose to apply them towards that, although most people will probably be satisfied with the equipment that a hired DJ would bring to the table.
Tequila shots and it ain't gonna matter.

The wife LOVES a band. Kid Creole & The Coconuts happened to be playing in LA (their first LA gig in app 15 years) right around my 50th - so we rented a room at the club (and - as it turned out - my party accounted for just about 90% of the meager ticket sales for the show). By the end of the night my lovely bride was on stage and dancing with the Coconuts. I don't think a DJ will cut it anymore. It was pretty clear that this was her idea of a party.

If we can work it out pricewise, we may end up hiring The English Beat (actually Dave Wakeling and a bunch of stand-ins) who she really likes. They are now based in Santa Monica. If we can't swallow the price tag, we'll go with a cover band.

Thanks for the ideas,

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