Best 8 Track Tape Home Unit Made

Any one know? I been told Akai made some decent decks, including a R2R unit that played 8 track. That R2R comes up often on the Bay. And yes, I also know these things were never considered to have quality sound since they were mostly made for cars. But, hey, I've taken some of the media and put it on cd's with an old unit that is now broken beyond repair.
The best sounding 8 track deck in my experience is the Wollensack 8075A. This unit has the best sounding preamp I've ever heard in an 8 track unit. The unit also has Dolby B NR. Akai also made good 8 track decks, the CR80, 81, and GR82 are very good 8 track decks. Pioneer HR99 and HR100 decks and pretty good too. The problem with buy a deck ebay, is most of them are in need of a new belt and head adjustment.
Technics by Panasonic Model 858 (Quad record/PB and Stereo)

I had to go all the way through mine in order to get the best out of it (the speed adjustment is on the MOTOR SHAFT-duhhhhhhh) along with new belts and massive post restoration cleanup, but once I was finished it sounds very much like GOOD 3.75 inch RTR.......