Best 70+wattt tube amp under $2000 suggestions?

I'm looking for suggestions of a 70-100 watt tube amp to mate with some tyler speakers and I like a liquid sound. Either used or new though if used only a year or so old. Any suggestions for a great sounding tube amp under $2000?

A used ARC VT100 MKII is almost a "no brainer" IMO at around $2K used. It's rated at 100wpc but is probably conservatively rated. Lots of power to drive "most" speakers. It's probably more neutral sounding than "Tubey" sounding. A used VTL ST-150 is another good idea. Also, a used C-J Premier 11 is a sweet amp, but only 70 wpc. I don't know how much power your speakers need however?

On the other hand, if you want to save $$, & can really get along on 70wpc, a used VTL ST-85 for hopefully less than $1000, depending on age, can be a really good deal. It has kind of a "classic, tube amp" sound IMO, as opposed to the more neutral ARC sound. Maybe you should really think about how much power you need? There can be a huge difference between tube amps rated at 70 wpc vs. 100 wpc. (Count the # of output & driver tubes for a start). And I'm guessing that VTL is something you should check out given that you want a "liquid" sound--Good luck!
If you can use a conservatively rated 60 watts per channel integrated, there is an Aronov LS-960I for $950, just posted on Audiogon. I already own one, and can vouch for its quality performance, especially at this ridiculous giveaway price. This unit, when mated with the right power cord, exhibits explosive, beautifully controlled bass, to accompany its musically natural, realistic, full range sound.
No, the seller is not my brother-in-law :>)
cary v12, i've used this amp with tyler linbrooks for quite some time now and have no complaints.
depending on the music i'm listening to, the triode setting (50w) has been more than sufficient to drive the linbrooks. if i want to rock (i.e. listening to mahler, bruckner, gov't mule or zakk wylde's black label society) i flip to ultra-linear (100w).
the v12 accepts 6L6, el34 (stock tubes), 6550 (my choice at the moment), kt88 and kt90, so its versatility is extended.
i imagine quicksilver v4's or the new 100w monos (close to your budget new) would be good choices but i have no 1st hand experience.
i used a rogue 88 (not magnumized, about 35w triode, about 70w ultra-linear, conservatively i'm told) before the v12. the rogue was a very good amp and can be found used for about $700-800. it has been replaced with the rogue 90 i think. mark o'brien @ rogue is a stand-up guy, no bs and was nice enough to personally repair a voltage regulator in his sjhop while shooting the !hit with me last summer. you could probably swing a used pair of rogue 120 monos which can be updated to the current 150 monos. check with mark on this, he isn't that hard to reach and always a pleasure to talk to.
also, i haven't tried them myself, but i imagine aes six-packs would drive the tylers nicely. aes is a division of cary and the 6-packs are based on v12 tech. i think they accept different tubes like the v12, but i think they are limited to 50w output. they are $400 over budget new, but used (if you can find them) should be within budget easily. some say they are as musical as the v12 without the flashy look.
"best" is subjective, so take any suggestion with a grain of salt. it would be best to audition any of the amps suggested for yourself.
hope this helps.
happy hunting.
Great suggestions from Steveaudio. I would throw in the ARC VT130 to consider if you see yourself going into the ARC line. Right when the VT100 II came out, I listened to this and the VT130 at a local ARC dealer and they each had their strenghts. The VT130 has a midrange bloom and harmonic richness to die for; I ultimately bought this. The VT100 had a little more neutrality across the entire range. Each does the top end well with the VT100 giving just a little more presence in the bass. But if you want the magical "liquid" midrnage only possible with tubes, the VT130 is THE best value I have ever heard. I still am kicking myself for selling this even though it did not mate well with the Magnepan 3.3 speakers due to their demand of more power. But this is the kind of amp we keep forever to use in those more gentle sound systems in our home. Now that I have the Wolcotts, all that VT130 magic is back with power reserves to drive the Maggies well. Just stay away from the ARC Classic series as this was very much part of ARC's analytical period. One other option is a good deal on a pair of M100 monos.
The word is Cayin. But as their top 4 big intergrateds, I've yet to figure out which one I need for the arrival this fall of the Seas Thor, which is very close to the Tyler line. Cdc which Tyler do you have? The U2's MTM? I'm looking for a good mid section for vocals and classical/orchestra, don't need big bass. Anyone which Cayin suits me? The Seas are a 87db speaker, so the 300b single ended may not be enough power, yet I do believe the 300 is best on sweetest mids.
Great suggestions.

The speaker - Ty is building a 3 way for me with the seas millenium tweeter, 7' mid and an 8" woof in a 9.5'" wide by 35" tall box. He feels that 70 watts should be plenty to power the speakers. The room is 16' X 24'.

While I'd love to demo amps like the Cary V12, they are out of my price range new, though used they fit the budget.
Sounds like a interesting design. But curiously, why don't you just go for the Tyler 3 way with the big Seas 10 inch?(forgot the name) I'm not sure why you want the 3 way with the 8 inch W22?? Here's my problem with the Seas, low efficiency for the tube amps I'm looking at. Take a look at the Cayin page, can you help me with best tube intergrated for classical music purposes. Not looking for "slam bass".
You may consider the following:
1. AUDION Sterling EL 34
3. CAYIN TA 30
4. CAYIN TA 35
5. CONSONANCE M 100 Plus

(not necesarily in this order)

Good luck
I'm in love with my Sonic Frontiers Power 1 (55 wpc) amplifier. The Power 2 and Power 3 can be found on the 'Gon for under $2000. I believe they are both around 110 wpc.