Best 70+ Watt Tube amp

I have a Thor phono preamp and a Conrad-Johnson Premier 16 LSII preamp, looking to upgrade my amp and also eventually my speakers, which are B&W matrix 804's. Looking for some good suggestions for amps, amp and speaker combos, and just any thoughts in general. My present amp is a C-J Premier 11a, but I want more power(who doesn't?). Have not tried SET's so any thoughts along that line would be appreciated.
My previous amp was a C-J MV52, which I still have but the step up in sound and performance with the 11a was substantial that I am not looking to go back to under 50Wattes/channel. Have heard a 200W/;channel McIntosh but thought I'd just throw it open and see what experience I can gain from your experience.
Thanks Michael
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definitely worth considering if you are on a budget
mac mc275......a good match(for tubes) with the b&w
EAR 890? I found this interesting in light of what this amp is driving. The writer picks this amp as his product of the year. Unfortunately a limited dealer network makes auditioning difficult.
2nd to vintage MC275s.
However, there are something more affordable but not as beautiful.
Amps and speakers should always be considered as synergistic pairs, in my experience. It is entirely the luck of the draw if you don't make one contingent on the other. So, if you're going to start by just buying what you think will be a great amp, be sure you consider which speakers it will match best with and be sure those speakers would fall within your universe of great speakers to own.

I much prefer to start at the other end of this equation and select my speaker, and then search for the amp that will be the great match to will bring out the best capabilities of that speaker.