Best 7.1 pre amp used or demo for 2000.00???

It is time to upgrade. My Adcom GTP 760 is moving on to another room. Now I need a quality pre amp for my main system.( Adcom 300 by 7 and B&W speakers) HT and music are both important. I like the "GEE WHIZ" factor of the Rotel 1098 video display. I realize I would have to look hard to find the Rotel for 2000.00 or so. Is there another pre amp I should be considering? Thanks for your help.
I almost bought the 1098, but I saved cash and bought the 1068, that screen is useless and "GEEK'S GOLD" if you ask me, who needs to see the movie on that small screen, and as far as using it as a set-up screen it is just as useless because if you are close enough to see that display you can simply reach out and adjust the unit by hand lol!
You may find something else you like from NAD or maybe even look at used Lexicon...or any number of options, just for god's sake dont pay extra for a stupid screen on it lol
P.S. the extra electronics needed for that display cant be good for the over-all signal of audio right???????
I was hoping that I could see the display better when using the remote from a listening position. I have not seen either of the Rotels in person yet. It seems to me the larger display would be easier to see from a distance. Since you have seen them both, maybe you can tell me...... can either be seen from about 12 ft away? If so, is there any reason to choose the 1098 over the 1068?
Take a look at the Anthem stuff. If you are willing to pay a bit more, take a look at Krell.
I would look at Parasound C2 (for a little more money) or Anthem AVM-20 or AVM-30 is you could finsd one. I had a rotel1068 and didn't care foe the sonic signature of that model at all. I also had a Parasound AVC2500U and was very happy with that, but it didn't have many of the features newer models have.

Then I went with the Anthem, abd have been very happy. I actually upgraded o the Staement D1. So I never heard the C2, but was very interested in it. And in my experience you can't go wrong with an Anthem.

I personally preferred the sound (more like lack of) of the Anthem AVM-20 and Aragon Stage One. I ended up finding a few month old Stage One for $2K. The Anthems can be easily found for $2K if you are patient.
The 1068 does not have any display screen, it has the view of most Recievers and such, your TV monitor will allow you to access menus from a distance for easy veiwing, I just dont think that a screen on any Processor serves ANY purpose except to dazzle, and it takes alot more then a 3 inch screen to make me go WOW.
I agree about looking into Parasound, I like there products and have an amp of theirs in my current system.
I notice most are stearing you into more expensive gear and thats great, but if you want new and a warranty of 5 years, for the features you get with the 1068 it is hard to beat for the money, email me if you would like more opinion from me
Ok, it looks like I have some research and listening to to. At least now I know what models to look at. Thank you chadnliz for being the voice of reason. I think most people have to be convinced to spend more, I am the other way around. You make a good case for the 1068.....and I am hearing you loud and clear. Thanks also to those who have steered me in the direction of something better. I will be checking out those options too.
No matter what you decide...aint' upgrading freakin great?!!!
I do like swapping new stuff into my system. Especially when it makes a difference. I hope the new processor justifies the dollars spent. My X girlfriend did the math and informed me that I could buy her a three carat diamond for what I have spent on my system. I said "Yes, but what do you suppose it would sound like ?" Long story short,I am going to miss her! However, now that B&W has the new diamond tweeter I am thinking that maybe she was onto something!
LOL, One time my wife asked me to tell her my fantasy, and I asked why?.."your not in them!"
I've been looking at the Rotel 1068 to go with my Rotel 1095 but have been already attacked(a pre-purchase attack!)by upgrade-itis and am examining a nice deal on a Meridian 561. Or a 568, which is a little more dough. Any thoughts on the Meridien? it's in the Lexicon mc 1 range....Ain't upgrading wonderful? My wife calls my purchases "that black thing.."
If you have a plasma TV and like to listen to DVD-A, that little display screen on the Rotel can come in useful. Other than that, it is Geek's Gold for sure. Parasound Halo C1, Fosgate FAP T1, and ATP8500 by ATI have 5" screens. The new Fosgate FAP T1 Plus & Rotel have 7" wide screen. I think that Parasound is coming out the new Halo w/ the 7" screen. Good luck with your choice.
I dunno, I like the 1068 pretty good, might be a bit of diminished returns with other more priced gear. I dont think my dads Lexicon is leaps and bounds better so YMMV
Anyone has any thoughts of Proceed PAV/PDSD (retail $11,000) or Lexicon MC-1 (retail $6000)? Used price goes for < $1500 now.

Well,I had no interest in the little 1098 screen either. I have to squint enough to read the back panel on those things. I had figured on the 1068 or the Outlaw 990, but the meridian is top notch,with very good upgrade software. Haven't looked at the Proceed yet. The used prices are dropping past the Audiogon average level toward the low end or below on all the fine older units. Probably safe to go with the most recently upgraded Outlaw or the 1068. But what fun is it to be practical?