Best 6M IC cable

Given no cost what would be your best 6M IC XLR cable from tube pre-amp to tube amp?
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Signal Cable "Silver Resolution"
Translucent Audio Gold Reference. Not too expensive. Replaced my Pure Note Paragons which were very good cables. If cost is really no object, try the Pure Note Titaniums.

Cardas Neutral Reference
Echole Obsession series. The Best!!
Interesting that I came up with Nordost Valhalla, Stealth Indra, Kubala-Sosna, and StereoVx. Do you have any comments on these vs any others you have recommended in your systems, friends, or stores?
Gerrym5 - I would have to add the Nirvana SX Ltd to the mix - this is an excellent XLR cable for long runs, works well with tube gear and images better than anything else that I have ever tried. Truly an excellent cable set for this application!
Echole obsession series! Best i ever heard!
Tried all... Kondo KSL LP-1, Stealth Indra, VD Genesis, Nordost Valhalla,Argento Ser.SE. Each of them have their drawbacks...
Without question, my ultimate interconnect (Both RCA and XLR)and speaker cable is Echole Obsession. The best I have ever heard in my life.
You need to send me the 10ft. speaker cable. I will also write a review for you.
I have not sold the vd I/c yet. Someone has such a lowball price on a pair, I was waiting for them to sell to list mine. I really want to try the speaker cable, then another set of I/c and then a digital cable.
Would you like me to post my honest review on audiogon of the Echole ObsessionS I/c? This cable is The best.Thanks, Brian
Stage 3 gryphon.

Please ceck the review on Desirable audio boutique on how the stage 3 slaughtered Kubala sosna emotion
"no cost what would be your best 6M IC XLR"

Transparent Audio Opus - may be an option to consider...
[can be tuned to your pre & power amp]
Easily the best cable in the planet at the moment is the Argento Flow Master Reference. It is miles ahead of the previous line (Argento Serenity Master Reference) that had already been considered as the top cable in the world.