best 6dj8 tubes for AR sp9mkII???

hi! I'm in the process of replaceing the old tubes from a
SP9mkII that I've bought second hand. I assume that both
are the same 6dj8, as the model is still readable only on the Red Dragon ones. Opinions about what replacement would be better and were to buy it would be highly appreciated.

Amperex NOS Bugle Boys. Search for them on ebay.
Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio receommended a Sovtek NOS that were supposedly made in Russia in 1970's. See for details. I bought a couple from him for my SP9 II and am happy with it. Much improved over the Philips JAN tubes I had.
I agree with Vtvu. I have used the Sovtek NOS 6922 (6H23) from Upscale in my ARC LS25 with stunning results. The actual designation for this tube is 6H23.
I recently bought a couple of Gold Aero Platinum Grade Gold Pin 7308's, made in Germany (probably by Siemens) from Stereo Unlimited is San Diego (619-223-8151) for $35 each. They sound really good in my SP9 MkII. You could also try Valvo 6DJ8's, if you can find them.
I'm with Dacostab on the recommendation for 7308s. To my ears, almost any type of 7308s have consistently outperformed 6DJ8s and the 6922s I have tried (including the 6922 Sovteks).
Plato: Did you use the 6H23 tubes? If not, please limit the scope of your comments.
Almost always NOS tubes outperform the 6DJ8 made today. I have a AR SP9 MKll and I sell tubes. I know. The Reflektor tubes 6H23 branded Sovtek, are good. They are consistently noisier(hiss),and microphonic than NOS, even the less exotic ones, ie; GE 6dj8. If you can find NOS at a price you can afford, I'd get them.My favorites are Valvo Red Label, Siemans, and Telefunkens. These are all pricey.
One NOS tube not yet mentioned here I have heard in a SP9 MKIII(not MKII)which sounds good are Tungsram 6922's. They are extended,warm, and quiet. I have also used them to good effect in a LS25. At one time, Upscale Audio had recommended these to me for ARC gear(I do not know if Kevin still has these available). They may be hard to find, but I have recently seen them advertised at at
Hello Gentlemen,
thank you for your kind efforts to educate me.
Digging deeper on the different tube sites, I narowed
the picture and now,aparently, I have to decide in between:
7308 Siemens NOS Gold Pin; 6922 Tungsram ( NOS made in Hungary?);6H23 Sovtek and 6DJ8 Amperex NOS Bugle Boy.
Primary decision input factors:
- the system is very revealing ( Apogee Scintilla speakers )
so as less fizz as possible would be desireble, on one hand;
- there is a cumulated leaness mark in the presence area,
effect of the marriage between the Apogees and Bryston 7b ST's monos( mostly in the low midrange, as I got the combo to ruler flat linearity in between 500HZ-5000kz ), so I'll
go for the tubes which can give a big kick in the low mids.
The overall sound is very clear, and not cold anymore
( due to the c-j Premier 9 DAC with 6gk5 Mullard NOS mark )
but corecting the leaness in the low midrange, would be one further step in chaseing the Audio Nirvana.Any ideeas?
Thanks, one more, to all of you, and appologies for my broken English.
I have never seen a Seimans 7308. Was this made by the American co. Seimans, as this is an American tube designation
Given your speakers, I would say the Ediswan CV2492 is what you're looking for. I've got several pairs running around here. Only wish I had more. SUPER quiet, but not cheap.