Best 6922 tubes for Conrad-Johnson CT6 preamp

What would be the best sounding 6922 tubes for the CT6 Conrad-Johnson preamp ?
The unit came with Electoharmonix tubes, which I think lack in the low end. I replaced them with the Sovtek ones and I have a much better low end now (but along came microphonics..)
Has anyone tried any other 6922 tubes that give a better sound ?
First of all I would check out RAM Labs and see what 6922s and 6DJ8s they carries and then let Roger Modjeski select a matching pair with low noise or super low noise (proabably a combination) - I don't think there is anyone better in the business in slecting and matching accurately in all relevant parameters. If you want to go vinage NOS then I would contact Andy in Vitage Tubes Services who not only has a great selection, but he is a careful matcher. Brands are one thing, well selected and matched tubes is another and perhaps even more important.
I’ll second Pabul57’s suggestion about contacting RAM or Vintage Tube. Both Roger and Andy are excellent sources. I’ve purchased from both. I also use 2 of Roger’s Music Reference RM10’s in mono with my CT6. A very nice combo indeed. Pick up the phone and call Roger. He normally answers the phone himself. At least he has every time I’ve called and he’s very accommodating. Definitely call Andy (and keep trying if you don’t get him). He does not answer emails, but is also very accommodating and will take the time to talk with you about your requirements. BTW, the CT 6 is self biasing so matched tubes are not critical, but shouldn’t cost any more and certainly can’t hurt.
Looks like my other post didn't come through, which was that I run Ameperex white label PQ's in my CT6. They're pricy but worth the money IMO. I've tried both EH and Sovtek which are dull and lifeless in comparrison.
I also ended up with the white label PQs and in my CAT amp sound like a very significant improvement over the Sovteks they replaced, but you must have reason to trust your sources as a noisy great tube brand is much worse than a good measuring and quiet Sovtek. If noise is your primary concern, I would proabably get a super low noise graded tube from RAM; NOS is becoming more of a crapshoot as supply dwindles - but if Andy says he has some that measure well, I think you can count on it.
CJ preamps are known for being hard on their tubes.The best choice is usually going back to CJ.Had a friend buy NOS tubes for his Premier unit,all went south in the 1st week.Ended up going back to CJ and the cost was about the same as running NOS.Just a thought.
I just picked up a used quad of vintage steel pin Siemens ECC88's (6DJ8 equivalent) to try in my CT6. The tubes are dead quiet. They're still a little on the "warm" side like the gold pin Amperex but more transparent and more extended in the highs. I've just started listening but I think I like them better than the Amperex and they seem to complement the CJ sound better as well. Supposedly the Siemens E88CC’s (6922 equivalent) can sound even better but I think you’d be hard pressed to beat the ones I just got.