Best 6922 tubes for BAT VK300x ???

I have a BAT VK300x Integrated. One of the stock tubes has started crackling. I would like to replace both tubes with something new. I know they have to be a matched pair. What would be the best sounding tube in the $150/$200 a pair range? Your responses are greatly appreciated.
I have had good results with many N.O.S.tubes.... tele's siemens, amprex ect. Most will exceed stock or new generation 6922. It is realy a matter of what you would like in performance. I have been collecting and tube rolling 6922 for a while now and have some available for sale... feel free to contact me regarding options
The "best" are the Siemens CCa's. Their E188CC/7308's are no slouches either. Of course- Telefunkens are way up there on the list also. We're talking transparency, extension(both directions), dynamics, liquidity, imaging and sound stage(ambience recovery) here though. Some people like a "warmer, sweeter" (microphonic) presentation, and consider that "better". If your tastes run that way- the Mullards, Brimars and other Brit tubes will please you more.
I should have mentioned: If you do consider the CCa- Make certain to buy NOS from the 60's, with the dull grey plate beneath the getter support. If it has a shiny plate, or date code plate inside, it's from the later production and will singe your ear hairs with it's stridency. Happy listening!
Thank you Dsremer and Rodman99999 for your input. I'll start researching NOS tubes immediately ........
I have had a couple BAT preamps and I like the Amperex 7308's. I recommend the white labels. They exhibit good upper extension and realistic bass. I would be suprised if you can find a pair of CCa's for $200.00.
That estimation of price for a pair of CCa's would be correct. I've got six in my BAT VK-D5, and they were worth every penny. When a tube can affect the equivalent of a major equipment upgrade (vis-a-vis musicality): I'd have to say it's worth seeking out! Here's the vintage to look for: (CCa You can see the grey plate below the getter support in the pics. Some try to push later tubes off as the good ones, by not showing the correct angle on that plate. Here's a comparison that Aria posted on the 6DJ8 family, and it's variants: (
BTW: Should you choose to go with tubes other than the CCa's, which were factory screened/selected for low noise already: Be certain that whatever you get is certified pre-amp grade. Any tube noise will be magnified exponentially if used in your BAT's front-end. I had an ARC SP-14 for a while and used a pair of Siemens E188CC's in the line section with excellent results.

It's all in what you want to wind up with, sonically speaking. Not knowing the end product you wish to accquire, some research is in order... try this spot for some insights...

That's where I began and the author is very close on many of his opinions of the different tubes... albeit, of those I've tried, that is.
AH- Something else I forgot to mention about the CCa's: They are a 10,000hr tube(as are the E188CC's), which makes them a bargain with regards to longevity and musicality. You'll note the writers that say the CCa is "too thin" never mention the vintage of the tubes tested. My guess is they were the later(inferior) tubes. There's a bit more support for the excellent Siemens E188CC on this site: ( As well as more to read about the other members of the family.
Rodman99999, Great information. I can clearly see the grey on the CCa. Actually, the current price on that auction isn't too bad at this point. Germany ... is the item location. I had an individual here tell me that he heard no difference in the grey verses the shiney CCa's. Of coarse he has them for sale. I'd like to get a pair of these since your experience speaks for it's self. I appreciate the information ........
Not a problem Mr Z. When I got my last ones, four came from W. Germany and two from Argentina. They've functioned perfectly for me. The seller of the pair I showed you posted complete specs, and good pics which are confidence builders in my book(of course- I'm not the one buying them). Let us know your reactions to the differences they make. Happy listening!