best 6922 for Sonic Frontiers Power 2 se.

For your experience what are the best 6922 tubes for the Power 2 SE?
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I like the USA Amperex, and NOS Sylvania, and not so much the orange globe Amperex, and------, and I also like the much maligned Philips NOS later vintage, circa 1996 @ about $8 bucks each. 00's Soviet alternatives for the 6922 can be quite nice, ----

cheers, and happy toob rolling,

the philips NOS are not a bad sounding tube,however they are microphonic (at least the ones i have tried.

the amperex 7308 is one of my faves....
amperex bugle boy
I like Amperex USN-CEP 7308's in my Audioprism Mantissa preamp...not a tube for someone that wants lots of bloom though so you may want to state your goals for your system...and of course your price range.

I can't speak for sonic frontiers but I like the Electro Harmonics gold pin 6922's in my CJ premier 16lsII.
i use siemens gold pins e88cc in my sonic frontiers line3.i tried some mullard with very regular performances.the sovtek are a goog compromise for the price.valvo are also expensive but in my opinion dont beat the siemens.
Siemens e188cc