Best 6550 NOS Power Tube for CJ Premier 11a?

If price were no object...and the only goals were tone and longevity:

GE 6550A ?
Tung-Sol 6550?
Sylvania 6550 A?

I have both NOS and re-issue tungsol 6550s, splitting hairs but pretty close.

also the chinese offer some really great sounding tubes. Used to have a premier 11a. If memory serves ran KT90s in it.

check out the PSVANE gray glass KT88s. pretty nice tube.
Can we refocus:

Want ti replace the Power Tubes in my CJ Premier 11a with NOS 6550. Don't want KT88, KT 90 or any other tube type. NOS 6550 only.
I am told the amp was originally voiced with GE 6550a. I have located those as well as various NOS Tung-Sol. Goals are more bass but "tuneful", NOT "Thump, thump", extended frequency but NOT fatiguing or over etched, and "magic midrange, more like EL 34, with longevity and reliability. I am presently using   Russian "Tung-sol 6550."
I'm ultimately going to replace the signal tubes as well:
V1 and v2 are 5751
V3 and v4 are 6FQ7.
Suggestions please from those who have actually heard tubes in this amp...and remember please don't suggest substituting a tube type.
Also any experience with:

Vintage Tube Srevices
HiFi Town


I cannot speak to the tubes you are seeking; but have dealt with Early at HiFi Town and have found him to be extremely helpful.  His emails are full of useful information.  A true straight shooter.

Have fun!