Best $600 integrated for Monitor Audio RX-2?

Hello Audiogoners,
I just acquired a pair of Monitor Audio RX-2 from a fellow Audiogoner and now I am looking for a ~$600 (used/new) integrated to drive them. Most stuff I read comes from home theater forums (my setup is stereo), and I could not find many options within my price range

One caveat: the amp needs to be 50/60 Hz (220v selectable even better!), since I am taking it with me to Argentina by the end of this year.

Room: approx 16 x 13 ft.

What do you guys think I should get within that price range? I read Marantz, Rega, NAD, and Arcam pair well with the Monitor Audio RX series("neutral toward bright" speakers?), but sound varies from model to model, both within and between brands. Thus, I need your advise!

Thanks a lot in advance

About 6 months ago I purchased a YBA Audio Refinement complete for $600- used. Not only is it a built like a tank with aluminum remote it sounds fantastic. It is a bit laid back and almost tube like. I am powering a pair of Joseph Audio RM7 monitors and I'm very content. This has been one of my best audio purchases in years.
Yes, I read very good things about YBA. I looked for an Audio Refinement Integrated within my budget and I could not find any yet. I guess the Complete doesn't have a phono section, right?