Best 60" flat panel?

My husband and I are considering purchasing a 60" flat panel plasma Pioneer television and looking for feedback. Can anyone help?
from what i recall when i was interested in purchasing a flat panel, pioneer elite and panasonic were the top performers. it's likley they've only improved. personally, i think you should consider a front projection system if it would be feasible for your application. what are you going to be primarily using the plasma for?
I own the 1110 HD 50 inch Pioneer Elite plasma and absolutly love it, that is until I saw it in 60 inches. Looks almost twice as big as the 50 inch with the fit and finish of a Wilson in Piano Black. Should be a pic of it below in my systems below. Good luck
I would also second the opinion that Pioneers and Panasonics are very good if plasma is your thing. I would encourage you to avoid the budget models/brands though. A big plasma, especially top of the line Pioneers and Panasonics are expensive, but you really get what you pay for. The cheap plasmas are cheap for a reason.
Unless you have dedicated room and control the light a front projection system is the worst option. A plasma is a better choice in a multi-use room.
I purchased a Pioneer Pro1540hd about a month ago. I have been very pleased with its performance.
The (relatively) new full hi-def Panasonic 65" plasma is a real stunner. I have a Pioneer 50" plasma (Japanese model 505HDL). I haven't seen the 60" Pioneer (that Velo62 refers to) even though I am through that kind of store quite often for other reasons. I'll have to check the next time I'm in one - probably late today :^).

Now that both Pioneer and Panasonic are full hi-def at the top end models, there is really not much difference. The Pioneer has a slightly better front glass I find, the Panasonic has a bit better contrast ratio, and the color fidelity choice is really one of personal opinion. The Pioneer reportedly puts out slightly less heat, and weighs a bit less (partly because of front glass structure). Speaker quality on both kinda stinks. I happen to like the Pioneer colors better but the real difference in my choice was that I got a better deal on the Pioneer than was possible on the Panasonic (temporary inventory issues at the particular branch of the chain where I bought).
the pioneer languge is a bit confusing. for instance, their page on the PDP 6070HD says that it's resolution is 1365 x 768, but then it says that it can "accept" 1080p/24hz via HDMI and component. does this mean that it's resolution is actually 1900 x 1080, or am i mis-understanding? which pioneer plasma models actually have 1080p? thanks. -dave
Only the Pioneer PRO-FHD1, 50in elite model can display 1080p resolution. The 6070 and 1540 can accept a 1080p signal and then show it at their native resolution of 768p.