Best 5814a tubes for DAC?

What are the best 5815a tubes for use in a DAC? CBS/Hytron are well regarded, How do the Raytheon compare?
Correction: 5814a tubes, not 5815a.
The best 5814 is an Amperex 7316.
Yes, yes, the 7316 is very good... but I'm specifically asking about 5814s.
Yes, you are. I can't speak to the DAC, but in my preamp and as drivers in my amp, the GE five stars sound quite good and superior to the Raytheons. I don't have any CBS. As mentioned above, there are several other 12AU7 variants that I prefer.
Thanks for your responses. Does anyone care to comment on sound character of any of the various 5814a? For use in a DAC, I'm looking for the greatest detail, balance and accurate tonality. Maximal information is the key here; I can "tune" with the tubes in my preamp.