Best 51" Projection HD TV?

Looking to buy a 51" (or something close) HD Projection TV. Looking to spend in the $1000-1400 range. Would like it to have cable card slot and plenty of hookups for my home theatre sound system. Any suggestions? Also any thoughts on buying with integrated tuner or just monitor (monitor pictures seemed to look better in stores when compared to those with tuner). I know would have to use "box" with monitor. Also can HD cable box be purchased anywhere, just the basic box (ie not a "black box"), I pay enough for cable without having to "rent" a box too.
You may want to check out for answers to your HDTV questions. I have gotten great advice and information on their site.
Add a few hundred and you can get a JVC 52" LCoS. I am happy with mine. The newer model looks even better and has the built in tuner and cable card you are looking for.

Better: add a few hundred more to that, and get the Sony 50" LCD rear projector.

Best Option and IMO, the best TV, is the Sony XBR LCoS but, you'll need to nearly double your budget.
Thanks, that site looks to have a LOT of info :)
If you are okay with a big box 160+pounds and large footprint check out

I bought this tv just before they added the cable card slot & tuner and it is a very nice television for the money. The picture quality is great but it is large and doesn't hang on the wall like a plasma or other slim tv. For your price range I don't know if you could beat it. They did have a 51" model but the link above is for the 57" like mine. Good luck.
Thanks for additional responses, will look at all of them.