Best 5 or 7 channel amp under 2K

I'm looking to buy the new Outlaw 950 pre/pro and need an amp. My system is the Boston Acoustics VR line.

VRM-60 6.5" ported monitor mains
VRMC matching center
VRMX surrounds
M&K MX90 2X12" push pull powered sub

They are all very efficient 89-90db and with the sub I can run the others on small to conserve power. I'm using a Nakamichi AV-8 and am very content for this budget. It is basically an 80 watt x 5 receiver and provides plenty of power. I don't wish to blow the windows out. I just want decent 2- channel as well as HT sound. The new Outlaw 770 seems like overkill and I have a QSC 900 2 ch. Amp lying around that I can use for the rear surrounds in 6.1 or 7.1. The Outlaw 750 seems an obvious choice. Whatd'ya think?

Thanks to anyone who can help?
I have tried the Krell KAV-500 and compared it to a Cinepro 2K5mk-II and the Cinepro blew the Krell completely away in upper end sonics and midrange detail. The Cinepro produces vocals that flow with ease, and are very natural and clear at very high volumes. The most incredible amps I've ever listened to. I have one of their 3k6SEGoldmk-III amps tri-amping 4 Snell B-Minors for 2 channel stereo. The 2k6mk-III is the newer 6 channel amp that replaced the 2k5mk-II, and now puts out 285 x 6 at 8 ohms, and 440watts x 6 at 4 ohms and has a larger power supply and a ton of little details to make it even better than the 2k5mk-II. I had the 2k5mk-II bi-amping a center channel speaker and the remaining 4 channels fed sides and rears, and bought the 2k6mk-III to replace it but decided to go for even more power.... I have upgraded to the 3k6mk-III for the center and sides and am selling the 2k6mk-III.....check out the classified amp section in Audiogon and audio absolutely won't be dissapointed with Cinepro.
Add Sherbourn 5/1500(200Wx5) to your list. Excelent Amp for <$2k
You really can't beat an EAD Powermaster1000, (200w x 5 channels). Can be had in mint/likenew or demos for around $2000 or just under (they were recently discontinued by EAD). Fabulous sounding amp, smooth and musical with great basss extension. Will sound better than anything at the $2000 price point.
In that price range I would go for the Rotel RMB-1095. 200 watts X 5, clean, musical, a tad soft on top, but the best multi-channel musically under $2K new.
Lotusm50 is right on. You cannot beat the EAD PowerMasters for under 2K. Either the PM500 or PM1000 will be the last HT amp you'll EVER need to buy. Yes, they are that good.