Best 5 engineered rock albums?

What is your list of the top five best engineered rock albums?
(1) white album
(2) abbey road
(3) sgt pepper
(4) deja vu
(5) blood on the tracks
Radiohead - OK Computer
Chris Isaak - Baja Sessions
U2 - Achtung Baby
Cranberries - No Need To Argue
and of course...
Beatles - Sgt.Pepper
Roger Waters, Amused to Death
Pink Floyd, the Wall
the Who, Who Are You
Dire Straits, Love over Gold
Talking Heads, Naked
Supertramp, Crime of the Century (MoFi)
Jethro Tull, Aqualung (MoFi)
Okay, I'm over the limit--but 2 need to be audiophile pressings, the original releases were not mastered as well.
I assume you mean audiophile quality recordings:
Chris Isaak - Baja Sessions
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Eagles - Hell Freezes Over (also truly outstanding on DVD)
Fleetwood Mac - the Dance (also excellent on DVD)
Roy Orbison - Black and White Night (also excellent on DVD)
Actually, I was looking for original releases rather than re-mastered, but this is interesting as well.
Mine are all original releases.... although not necessarily the first time this artist has recorded these songs.
I don't think I can stretch to 10 without repetition of many previous excellent suggestions so here are a few not previously mentioned.

Crowded House : Woodface
Robert Cray : I was warned
Dire Straits : Communique
Rickie Lee Jones : Rickie Lee Jones
Queen : News of the World (not all tracks, but side B is excellent)
Lenny Kravitz : Are you going to go my way

This last one may not be to all tastes, but I like the raw qualities ... the amp hum, the hiss of the wah-wah peddle, and the mike thump of the vocals ... kind of like a gig. Strangely the title track is an exception ... very poorly engineered.

really? Lenny Kravitz album well done... and also a good album music wise? The reason why I ask this, is cause it is clear that Mr. Kravitz is trying to "conjure" a retro, guitar-based, and raw sounding psychedelic kind of sound, but I never trusted him to be more than the usual MTV all-image-no-meat corporate rock product. (quick quiz: what album and song begins with the intoned phrase "corporate rock").

My fave 5, not duplicating any of my shared faves already listed by the good audiosouls posts above:
(all vinyl btw, is there any other way to listen to rock??)

Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland" (side one has the BEST live rocj recording ever, imo)
Genesis "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway"
Heart "Dreamboat Annie"
Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
Steely Dan "Aja"

PS: I define "rock" as having come to an end with the era of the Sex Pistols, the Clash, etc., and the rise of MTV. Everything after that is no longer rock; it is new wave, punk, post punk, industrial, techno, electronica, alternative, hip hop, etc etc. "Rock" is what you could have likely heard on any decent urban-area FM radio station in the 70's. Entire sides of albums, excellent "pop" stuff of the likes of Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac, etc. I'm sure my view is controversial and weird.

Tortoise: "Millions now living will never die"
18th Dye: "Tribute to a Bus"
Massive Attack: "mezzanine"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: "ACME"
Stereolab: "Dots and Loops"

Amazingly, all recorded in the last decade!

genesis - selling england by the pound
steely dan - Aja or Two Against Nature
jeff buckley - grace
Liz Phair - White Chocolatespacegg
peter gabriel - so
Allan Parsons: "Tales of Mystery and Imagination"
Pink Floyd: "Dark Side of the Moon"
Steely Dan: "Aja"
Joan Baez: "Diamonds and Rust"
Santana: "Welcome".. most would say "abraxas" but I prefer this one.
also rans: the Eagles 1st album, Doobie bros. "Toulouse St."
Hey Zorpman! Are you primarily interested in engineering and production (Beatles "Sgt. Peppers") or drop-dead recording and mastering (Audiophile Sound)?
pcanis .... dismissing the SUBJECTIVE opinion of others serves no purpose. Music (and equipment) is either to your liking or not to your liking. Let's try to keep all postings positive. For example I have never liked Genesis, Pink Floyd, or the Beatles but I recognize that they are one of the great, and ground-breaking bands. I fully recognize that Lenny Kravitz is not in the same league as the perviously mentioned bands, but I still prefer his albums.
Let's not forget Ricky Lee Jones "POP POP".
If you're talking about audiophile quality sound, my top five
would be:

Pink Floyd- "The Final Cut" (heads above Dark Side for sound)
Dire Straits- "Love Over Gold"
Rough Trade- "Weapons"
Human League- "Dare"
New Order- "Blue Monday" (the 45rpm 12 inch single)

Production value-wise, it's a matter of taste. I like

Kate Bush- "Hounds of Love"
Cocteau Twins- "Heaven of Las Vegas"
Beatles- "Revolver"
REM- "Out of Time"
Jimi Hendrix- "Electric Ladyland"

(ironically, none of them have particularly good sound).
seantaylor99 -

sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough. I had NEVER listened to Lenny K. cuz I just suspected he was just a MTV tool. LOL, I was actually just asking you for some more info. Sorry for the confuzion.

I gave this a bit of thought, and I must admit there should be two categories. CD and Vinyl. There are some albums that are really great on vinyl, but just didn't cut it on CD. And vice versa. Here's my list regardless of the medium:

Metallica-The Black Album (Enter Sandman)
Not my favorite album but truly one of the best if not THE best recorded hard rock album of all time.

Meat Loaf- Bat out of Hell
Great on vinyl. So so on CD

Excellent on both mediums

Blues Traveller-Four
Outstanding on CD

Badfinger-Wish you were Here
Actually better on CD. The vinyl is very good, but this is a very dynamic album and shines on CD. Possibly the best album that Chris Thomas ever produced by the best Band that almost was.
Pcanis .... sorry myself to have got you wrong. Hopefully no offense caused.

Anyway your thought that Lenny Kravitz was merely copying older 70s music is quite close to the mark. He is ! However I still think this album has some enjoyable tunes and a very immediate sound, particularly the track "Sister".

I also liked the Patmatt post ... Badfinger .... what a great band that noone under 30 has heard of !
Actually looking at the entire post-performance process. We can disagree on music but who likes to listen to unintentional mud? I am a Who *freak*, but the greatest rock albums of all times (IMHO)"Who's Next", is a production disaster.
Hey Seandtaylor,
Thanks for the comments. Along with the Beatles, Badfinger is one of my favorite all time bands. If you like Abbey Road, and you're not familiar with the record I mentioned above, it really is a must have. It incorporates every aspect of Rock & Roll that the English have done so well for 40 years. Top notch song writing, gorgeous melodies, impeccable harmonies and virtuoso instrumentation. Imagine Keith Moon on drums with that 100 X 100 foot sound. Harmonies that are easily at the level of McCartney, Lennon and Harrison in their finest hour. Guitar playing like Townsend on rhythym with Clapton on lead, and lyrics with an introspection and taste that I can only describe as Lennon meets Taupin. Of course, the production is simply excellent which is why I listed it here.
In other words, it is in it's own way a strong and vital realization of what might have been had Rock avoided the excess that destroyed it's chances to go to the next level, instead of steadily devolving into the parody that can be seen in it's full glory on MTV.If more prominent bands(besides Badfinger) had shown more restraint and perhaps a little more taste, many of us 30 something+ Audiogonners wouldn't be singing "Rock is Dead". At any rate, it is an album that is not ahead of it's time at all. It's an album that was completely on time. Unfortunately, too many back in the early 70's hit the snooze button and woke up with Barry Manilow.
As if anyone hasnt mentioned .......PINK FLOYD!! best cd pink floyd's cd's are great!
doobie brothers-captain & me,supertramp(crime) chris isaacs- heart shaped world,lyle lovett & his large band,& pink floyd-wish you were here
Try Ambrosia SOMEWHERE I'VE NEVER TRAVELLED engineered by Alan Parsons. The vinyl sounds MUCH better than the newly released CD (although my vinyl is noisy...time to search for a new copy!) Also Maria Muldaur SWEET AND SLOW is breath-taking! I have the Stone Play Classic Disc(Canadian CD pressing) SPCD 1183. Dr. John plays piano. There are some other well know names on this disc too! I picked up my copy for $5- and it has become one of my primary reference's that good! Who says audiophile recordings/pressings have to cost big bucks? Sometimes "yaz justs gets lucky!"
Hands down -- AMBROSIA, first album, titled the same. Produced by Alan Parsons. I still blow away both audiophile & non-audiophile friends alike with this one. (Also pretty good transfer to CD too). Close 2ND -- TOY MATINEE.
Zorpman -

I just got a copy of a Who's Next cd from MFSL and its great! Behind Blues Eyes is totally mesmerizing.
I don't have the time to scratch my head sufficiently to come up with five, but I find Bat Out Of Hell exceptional.
BREAKAWAY Art Garfunkel
NIGHTFLY Donald Fagen
POP POP Ricki Lee Jones
TRIO Dolly, Linda, Emmy lou Harris
10CC any early album
Peter Gabriel - So, Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms, Roxy Music - Avalon, Steely Dan - Aja, Alan Parsons - Tales of Mystery and Imagination.... believe it or not the first side of the Xanadu Soundtrack.
Janis Ian's Breaking Silence should be in the mix.
There are some here in which I am in complete agreement, and others with which I scratch my head and wonder...
I like Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but it doesn't sound very good.

The best sounding Pink Floyd LP is Animals
Supertramp Crime of the Century
Alan Parsons Turn of a Friendly card, I Robot, and Tales of Mystery and Imagination all sound great
Queen A Night at the Opera
Bob Dylan Oh Mercy - sounds darn good especially for Bob Dylan
Post production-nothing even comes close to "Thriller". The term engineered can mean different things to different people. Example: the final product from the early Beatles released in the US in stereo are terrible. The actual recording, mixing, and post production (mono) is well done. If you truly enjoy a recording the producer has a great deal more to do with the final sound. People like Phil Spector, Quincy Jones, Don Was, etc.
ac/dc-back in back
neil young-greendale
fleetwood mac,dire straits,the police,rush,eagles,etc...
also...the SWEET
The Beatles "Let It Be... Naked"
The Alan Parsons Project "Stereotomy" or anything with his name on it!
Derek & The Dominos "Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs" the re-mastered and re-engineered 20th Anniversary Edition.
Art Garfunkel "Scissors Cut"

Great thread, lots of outstanding albums listed.
Agree w/ Oh, Mercy by Dylan; also Dire Straights' Love Over Gold, the first Black Sabbath album, the first 2 Led Zeppelin albums; finally the live Clash album of several years ago...
ELP Brain Salad Surgery
Grateful Dead American Beauty
Santana Abraxas
Hendrix Axis Bold as Love (Mono)
Spirit 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
I'll toss in:
Stevie Wonder-Innervisions;
Joni Mitchell-Court & Spark;
Dark Side Of The Moon UHQR MOFI.I use to own this sealed up
and ,then I sold it to Chad years ago.I wonder what its worth now?
Crime of The Century
The Beatles White Albumn
Sgt Peppers Beatles UHQR Mobile Fidelity
Funny I can only think of 4 right now
"On Every Street" dire straits
"Nick of Time" Bonnie Raitt
"Tunnel of Love" Bruce Springsteen & E St. Band
"Moving Pictures" Rush
"Surfing with the Alien" Joe Satriani
boston on sacd
def leppard greatst hits
the cult
How about Supertramp - "Crime of the Century"
Steeley Dan - "Aja"
Beatles - "Revolver"
Queen - "Night at the Opera"
CSNY - "Deja Vu"
Jethro Tull - "Aqualung"
Gerry Rafferty - "City to City"
10 CC - "The Original Soundtrack"
1. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
2. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
3. The Beatles - Abbey Road
4. REM - Automatic for the People
5. The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
"brothers in arms" is a digital recording with little or no deep bass and it sounds artificial - not sure how anyone could have it on their top five list - "lover over gold" is a lot more dynamic and lifelike recording.
Anyway my list for now is
Leftfield - Leftism, Pink Floyd - The Wall or Final Cut, Grace Jones - Slave to the Rythym, Eagles - The long run, Prodigy - fat of the land
Off the top of my head, and from my collection, I can think of a few...

Roger Waters "Amused to Death"
Sting "Brand New Day"
Sting "Soul Cages"
Bozzio, Levin, Stevens "Black Light Syndrome"
Porcupine Tree "In Absentia"
Hi, this is an off topic thread.
Why, Dazzdax, because you don't agree with the opinions? That's what this thread is all about.

Why not offer a few choices of your own instead of kicking sand on those offered by others?
Dear Tvad, this thread is about amps and preamps, not engineering. I like to talk about music and sound engineering too, but the music or miscelaneous section will suit this subject better.
Oh, I see your point, but you're the first to have an issue with it in three and a half years...

Care to offer your Top Five Best Engineered Rock Albums and get this thread back on topic?

back on topic...Robbie Robertson's 1988 (I think) solo LP that had that song "Somewhere Down the Crazy River".

Can't remember it's name. I have it on vinyl and all my wax is at my cousins house.
Peter klim, that was Robbie Robertson's 1987 self tilted album on Geffen Records, and it was an extremely well engineered effort...agreed!