Best 5 disc cd player for the $

Need to replace my denon. Will pair with Sunfire Ultimate receiver. Thanks!
When someone asks "best for the $" I think cheap. This may not be your intention but look at the Harman Kardon FL-8380 or 85. I keep one in the closet as a back up. Not worth the trouble to sell but it sounds pretty decent, especially with HDCDs.
Check the archives. The same three or four players that will eventually show up here are already mentioned in half a dozen previous threads.
A used California Audio Labs CL-10 might fit your bill.
Check into Panasonic DVD changers, (e.g. F87), amazing sonics for the money (we are talking cheap per Timrhu...)
When someone asks "best for the $" I think cheap.

the Marantz CC4300 has to be on this list. They can bought on ebay for $130 refurbished by Marantz with 1 year warranty.
I've been using an HK DVD50 as my backup for a while and it sounds pretty good. Plays all CD types (and DVDs, with progressive scan, DTS), decodes HDCD, and has 192Khz DACS. I imagine they can be had for $150-200 nowadays.

TVAD - I checked the archives and not sure I came out with a good answer. Actually, I am now more confused and believe that I need a DAC. Pardon the ignorance but I thought maybe if I pair a quality receiver with a quality 5 disk changer (that could be used for both CD and DVD). I am also looking at speakers that will fit well.
Since you are looking for player that plays DVDs as well this won't work but a Nakamichi MB 8