Best 5 channel amp under 4k

I was thinking of purchasing the new CAV 180 from classe, but I've heard that many users have had problems with the amp. Any suggestions/comments on that amp or alternatives? Thanks.

There is a Sim Audio Titan for sale on Audiogon for $4000. I don't think you could do better for that amount. They list for $6000.

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Nearly every audio review list has the Bryston 9B-ST on its "Best of" or "Class A Recommended" list. MSRP is about $3800, and you can often get it used for $2600 or so. It's an excellent unit that ought to be on your short list for audition.
It's hard to argue against the Bryston 9B-ST. If you need to put this unit in a more enclosed space where heat can be an issue, check out the Sunfire line-up. Very nice sound. Runs very cool.
How about 4 Odyssey Stratos amps at $995 apiece. A very highly rated amp with speed and power and a 20 year warranty.

Plenty of excellent reviews from TAS, IAR, and others on this amp can be found at Not to mention 5/5 ratings by about 80 owners in

If one were to go this route, I would also recommend dedicated circuits for the front three amps.

Robk, what have you heard about the CAV180? I've owned Classe amps before and never had a problem (CA-200 and CAV-75). In that price range, I'd be interested in the aforementioned Bryston 9B-ST, an Aragon 8008X5, or the Classe CAV-180.
Sim audio is very good. The pass x-5 is great. Also the bel canto six channel evo is amazing. Those three are all great. They truly are the best that HT has to offer and i would take em over a krell 1500 even.
Without a doubt, I think the best 5 channel amp in your price range is the Krell KAV 1500. 300 pristine watts into each of the 5 channels. This is really a very impressive amplifier. Retail was $8500, but can be found on audiogon in excellent condition for around $4500. I don't think anything can come close to it's performance and sound in that price range.
Bryston 9BST is without a doubt the best 5 channel amp out ther under $5000.00. It can be purchased second hand for between 2500-2800 dollars. Bryston has 20 year transferrable warranty as well.
You can usually find a pristine, pre-owned EAD PowerMaster 2000 for well within your price range. You won't find many 2-CHANNEL amps that will sound better than the PM2000 and the PM2000 has the 5 channels you are looking for. The others mentioned a great too though.
Used/Demo BAT 6200 5ch. amp could be found for that money.
For under 4K, I used to think it was the Bryston 9b, which I owned for 2+ yrs. But after hearing the SimAudio Titan, the 9B wasn't even in the same zipcode. Much more musical and doesn't break a sweat. The Titan retails for 6K, but can be had for a little over 4K.