Best 5 Channel amp to mate with Revel Speakers

I currently have a Bryston 9 B ST as my 5 channel amp running Revel Gems,Voice,and Rear Embraces. I am also using Proceed AVP as my processor. I love the Bryston for its tight bass but it is does not have the warmest or the widest soundstage. Also the Revels tend to be dry. This is compounded when used with the Proceed AVP.I don't want to sell processor because I don't need 7.1,DD 2,or component video switching so I am open to ideas.I will definitely go secondary market and have narrowed choices to Cary Cinema 5,Theta Dreadnaught,or Classe CAV-180 with Cary in the lead due to its small size and my lack of cabinet space. Please help because I have no dealers in the area.Thanks
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Try the Ayre 6X series configuable from mono to 6 channel