Best 5 channel amp musical

What is the best 5 channel amp that is musical not HT thump ? Wana use for SACD and do not want to spend a 2K used.
Try the Cary Cinema 5. Although a used one will cost at least $2500.
Anthem MCA-5 or 50... Maybe you should have asked, "What is the best 5 channel amp for music UNDER $2000?".
I have a Classe' CAV150 that's pretty nice sounding. Not sure what it sells for used.

If you can get one, perhaps a Legacy Audio Powerbloc5 would fit for you. It has been out of production for a while, but Coda made it for them. It is high current to drive Legacy’s lower impedance speakers so it is a good fit for many speakers. I had one for a was quite nice in retrospect.
I recently found out about OUTLAWAUDIO. Their site is When I replaced my CROWN DC300s with their five channel in one setup and 7 ch in another (two rooms at home) I was amazed. Don't know whether it's the power supply or what...but first of all it's more open and musical. Secondly the amps at full throttle are dead quiet without signal!!!

I am impressed....and for the price....
I have never heard Outlaw stuff for myself, but often hear comments like Nfagca'a. That would be something to look at if I were you, and it carries a good warranty too...just as a bonus.
The Proceed Amp5 is pretty musical.

Musical for me means warm and smooth sounding.