best 5 channel amp for home theater

I would like everyones opinion on what they would consider the best amplifier for a 5.1 home system. Class A amplifiers only please.
Sunfire Cinema Grande / ATI 1505
The only high end 5 channel amp I have heard is the Conrad Johnson MF-5600. I was very impressed.
Your budget is the criteria by which "best" must be based. Aragon/Acurus, Proceed, Krell, Rotel, etc. all different prices and different sonic impressions.
Class "A" amps limit this thread. Krell, Rotel, and Sunfire are not class "A". I personally think the Sunfire is one of the best buys, but it is not class "A". Unfortunately, I can't comment from experience on any true Class "A" products. But I would admonish you not to confuse a high price with high quality.
proceed hpa2 and hpa3, I know that is 2 amps but what the heck.
Stereophile Guide to Hometheater rates the Aragon 8008X3 as a class AAA amp. They now make a five channel version for 4000. The Bryston 9B st is rated class A in Stereophile. About half the power of the Aragon but I am sure they are very close in sound quality.
None of the Amps above can touch Pass X 5. Must be heard.
I own the cinepro 3k6se which is quite an impressive amp -- the best sound and $$ -- great service and the president is available when you call steven
It's not a "Class A" amp -- I honestly can't think of any 5-channel class A's -- but the Bryston 9B-ST has gotten outstanding comments in a number of mags.
I have an EAD Powermaster 2000 that sounds great. It is 400 watts/ch x 5 channels. It is specified to operate in true "class A" for 10wpc, and then switch over to class A/B. The silver faceplate looks great to boot.
Sdcampbell when's the last time you checked Stereophile's recommended components list? The Bryston is class A on their list but maybe not yours? It is the first 5 channel amp to be so listed.
Two of the best are Aragon 8008 series, EAD PowerMaster 2000 and the Theta Dreadnaught...
Bulldogger: I think we may have confusion over terminology. I interpreted Mizendo's reference to "Class A" to mean an amp that runs in Class A electrical mode (i.e., no switching and circuits are "on" all the time). If you use the term "Class A" to mean the rating system used by Stereopiles, you are correct in your comment.
I interpreted Class "A" the same way sdcampbell did. But now I see there is another option!
You are right. There are 2 ways of looking at this. The Bryston is not completely class A as far as power output. Sorry, I assumed he was refering to catergory rating and not power as there are so few class A amps in that respect.