Best 5 ch. amp used - 2500-3500.00 price

Please give me your opinions. Speakers are all vandersteen, preamp is current Lexicon DC 1. Thank you.
I would recommend for the EAD PowerMaster 2000. It is a great amp for HT as well as music. I have sold my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 because I was so happy with it. It HT it never runs out of juce. You can buy used here for around $3k.
good luck.
I am using the Bryston 9B THX with a Lexicon MC 12B. They seem to work great together and I have been very pleased. I am using Sonus Faber speakers for all five channels and this also seems to be a great combination.
Get the 2 channel Adcom 5500, and the Adcom 5503. Its 200 watts for each channel. This combo sounds fantastic. Its smooth and sweet sounding. These amps are built to.
I think McCormack works well with Vandersteen. I don't know anything about the Lexicon.
Maybe a Stratos dual mono and a HT 3?
You should check out the Earthquake Cinenova Grande 5 Channel amp. Great for music and enough muscle for HT. Read the reviews at and
I'd go with either the Aragon 8008X5 or the Classe CAV-180. The Aragon slightly more dynamic, while the Classe is warmer. Both are excellent bang for the buck, IMHO.
I am at the same decision point having just ordered an Audio Refinement Pre2/DSP (and will wait for the upgrade card). I have whittled the list of amp candidates to:

Pass X5
EAD powermaster 500 or 1000
Krell kav500
Sherbourne 5/1500
Linn AV5125
Bryston 9BSST

Pass is the first choice but damned expensive. The EAD seems an excellent value. Any of these amps will drive just about anything adequately short of speakers with very demanding (read: LOW) resistance. We are using Gallo Due speakers with a REL Acoustics Strata II woofer.
Thanks to everyone for your response.

I have not heard the Classe CAV-180 but Classe has very good amps with a warm sound.
You can pick an Aragon 8008X5 (I had one) in the use market for $2000-$2200. It is an incredible amp for the money. Very powerful, dynamic and smooth at the same time. Also, you can get a Krell KAV-1500 (I have now) for $3500-$3800. This amp is even more powerful than the Aragon. Either one, the Aragon or the Krell will match very good with your speakers.