Best $5,000 system for a small apt. in Stockholm

My sister is taking a new job in Stockholm starting next week. She will be living in a small apartment during the week, and commuting to Paris to be with her family on weekends.

Anyway, she needs a small system for music on those nights she'll be alone in Stockholm. She has been a professional musician (First Flute for NJ Symphony Orc. and a substitute flute/piccolo player for the Metropolitan Opera), so she has a keen ear.

Ideally the system should have the following characteristics:
* CD-based playback
* Small footprint
* An iPod dock
* stand-mounted 2-way speakers
* ability to work with different AC power standards (switchable power supply, for instance).

If it were for me, I'd probably get a Jadis Orchestra amp, some Green Mountain speakers, and a decent CD player and call it a day. But she can't/won't deal with tubes, altho she appreciates listening to my all-tube systems. Also she has no room for vinyl (and besides, I have all her LP's!!)

So I'm looking for recommendations for the best Solid State $5k system for a small apartment. Also I have no local knowledge of what great speakers might be available locally in Stockholm. But I'll probably get the electronics here and take them over to her.

I'm not looking for a who's who list of components. I'm looking for system synergies, something you've heard that sounds good together. For instance, what sounds great with a Naim Nait integrated, or a Creek Destiny amp, or whatever. Or the ideal one-box solution from Linn or Arcam or the best small Triangle or Reynaud systems you've heard.

Then I'll go shopping/listening & see if I can help her set it up. Don't know room size yet (she doesn't have an apartment yet). But this is a sector of the market I've never shopped so I can use all the help I can get!

Thanks in advance!
new-totem arro speakers,cambridge 640int.amp,cd player,with ipod cambridge for the azur v2 system,kimber connects hero rca,kimber speaker connects 8tc,ps duet power connect. all new and sounds wonderful, plenty of low end power for low level listening..i own the system and i have owned alot more expensive systems and for the money ,you can't beat it and it all looks nice, works well together, the arro speakers are narrow floorstander, don't have to buy speaker stands. i no brainer.........
Consider the Denon RCD-CX1 CD Receiver with SACD and ipod doc.
This is featured in Feb. TAS and retails for $1500.
Mate with a good two-way (e.g. Thiel 1.6) and you're in business!
Rega Apollo, Rega Mira 3, Rega R-1 speakers. simple, musical, cost effective... Cables? I like Cardas Golden Cross or Hexlink 5C but those will cost ya..
IPOD? they suck.
This should simply be an audio adventure based in Stockholm. She should have fun searching, finding, listening in different stores and purchasing the system in the city. This will establish a relationship with an audio store there which will direct her to a couple of decent CD stores and so forth. BTW, a beautiful city.
When in Sweden...Sjofn HiFi Guru speakers!
Check out the store Audioconcept dot se
They have a lot of gear ranging from affordable to expensive - there own inexpensive cable line as well and great to work with.

Disclaimer - No connection to the store
i totally agree in purchasing the product in country, that way you don't have to be concerned with dc, but you also may not be able to purchase used ...if new is the answer, then most ot the product can be purchased in country....
Used Gear in Sweden hifimagasinet dot com
Stockholm, Paris?
Does she need a companion?
If so, I'm available.
Did you know there is an ipod dock that is tubed output stage?

There is. Small. Self contained. outputs to whatever.

A local seller nearby did have a supply of them not long ago. If interested I'll check in with him to see or give you the link.

Add that to whatever int + speakers you or she prefer and you'd be set, and the thing is self biasing so it's plug and play.
buy something in sweden
How about ATC SCM 20's (used) a NAD M3 (used) and a Benchmark DAC1.
System Audio (Danish) speakers should be easy to find in Sweden (almost impossible over here) - I have SA2K Master in my tiny room with a Creek Destiny...a match made in heaven. All of the System Audio models (that I have heard) are excellent value for money IMHO. As always - the importance of cables (power, interconnect and speaker) should not be overlooked...I prefer Nordost (the speakers are internally wired with Nordost as well)...
I'm using the Auranote "all-in-one" with the Duevel Planets in a living room setup. Small footprint, simple, modernish styling, and excellent room-filling sounding. Should be possible to assemble for about half your budget.
I wish I had the time (and money) to spend a week or two shopping high-end audio in Sweden!! I know my sister will not do it for herself. I figured I'd buy some stuff there, but wanted to take advantage of Audiogon to get some bargains on used equipment that I can hand-carry to her new apartment.

A couple of really good suggestions, and I appreciate suggestions of local places to shop, since I'm certain we'll spend a weekend shopping speakers. But it is very helpful to have some starting points.

Thanks to all who responded! Hope to get a few more total "systems" to audition.
I suggest Dynaudio Contour 1.4 can be had for 1650USD(used) and Primare CD31 1000USD(used) then you can choose an integrated either solid state or tube, the Krell 400xi can be had for 1650USD(used) all of these are found on Hifimagasinetdotcom . The speakers and cd are very nice IMHO
I wanna be serious check out Russ Andrews( across the pond. A friend moved to Germany some time ago and uses Russ for everything.

happy listening
Agree with Shadorne's recommendation for an insanely good used system. Have that setup at home.

For off the shelf new stuff:

Cambridge Audio 540 int amp, Cambridge Audio Magic DAC,
Wadia 170, iPod, a NAD CD, small Dynaudio Contours or DALI Lektors.
Heard the Guru set up at the RMAF.
Integrated amp, CD payer and speakers built to work together. No matching problems.
Exceptional sound for the money.
Just wanted to update this thread...

I returned yesterday from Stockholm. I took the advice of several members on the board here and bought most of the system locally. My sister ended up with the following system:

Musical Fidelity A5 CD player (used)
iPod dock (ugh)

LFD Zero Mark IV integrated amp
LFD interconnects

Locally sourced Sweden-only floorstanders (sounded fantastic with ribbon tweeters/dual 6" woofers in MTM configuration)

Should have taken pictures, but forgot. Setup was not straightforward given odd apartment dimensions, but we finally settled on an approach that worked.

Thanks to all for help.

If you ever get a chance to visit Stockholm, I highly recommend it! Some really great helpful audio retailers there, and almost everyone speaks exceptionally good and idiomatic English. Easy to be there (in the summer). Sun comes up at 4:30, sets after 10:00pm and the Swedes love to party!
$5000 = 3500(?) euro.
Stockholm being one of them most expensive cities (and countries) to live in on this planet, your sister maybe limited equipment wise. Best find a local hi-fi dealer when there as has been suggested.
Linn - Awesome sound and international voltage selection)

Classic Music - all in one (cd, tuner, pre, power)

K400 speaker cable

Classik Unik speakers and stands
(1) Guru QM-10 speakers - get a demo pair for $1400 right now (search net for astounding reviews);
(2) speaker stands for $100;
(3) Hegel CDP2A CD player - about $2800 I think;
(4) Xindak or Shanling integrated - about $600 (very high end performance for very little money coming out of China);
(5) take your pick to integrate an iPod dock or simply RCA connect to the integrated; and
(6) inexpensive rack system.

Bingo. It would probably put you just barely over the $5k goal, but well worth it. And you have a system that sounds like $20,000.
simple, easy to move, and hard to beat