Best 40 to 50k used speakers

What would you consider the absolute best speakers on the used market, budget 40 to 50k max.Open to any suggestions thanks.

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@eganmedia I completely agree with you, i care much more about the sound quality than the fancy look.That's why i'm also looking at brands like ATC and Spectral audio.
If you have the opportunity to audition the A5 , do it !!! 
I will also recommend YG Hailey , if you're tast is in the aluminum corner ...
Mine is ..
For that kind of money you could get the monitor audio platinum 500 ll for $30,000 brand new and those speakers will beat speakers that are three or four times the price. Check them out.
Dude jump on somthing ASAP!!!
Another vote for whichever Focal Utopias fit your room.
I have the Stellas myself, the EM bass is just effortless, even in my difficult room (concrete floor, patio windows behind speakers)

Has to be Boulder. Truly a marriage made in heaven. So rich, textured and authoritative. But above all, musical.
This combination is truly on the side of the performer - producer