Best 40 to 50k used speakers

What would you consider the absolute best speakers on the used market, budget 40 to 50k max.Open to any suggestions thanks.

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A new pair of Wilson Audio Sasha DAWs will far outperform any used speakers!!!!!
@thieliste The Magico A5 has excellent price/performance with Herculean internal damping. At $22k it competes with $30k+ speakers.  

The A5 made a much more expensive Wilson sound like a boombox.
Even the dealer that was trying hard to sell the Wilson to me had to agree.  
JBL 4350 monitors. Restored of course.
Now you know where my head is at.

If you were actually thinking about Wilsons.

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" I kind of agree with the Vandersteens if you include their amps. :)"

Just listened to these a week or so ago.  Sounded kind of bland with a soft folk music recording.  But, boy oh boy, those woke up and played astonishing well on some hot jazz.  Yes, with the Vanady amps.