Best 300B tube for Cayin 300B amp?

Just looking for opinions, I have the Sophia " mesh " 300B Princess now, anything anyone has heard but likes better? Looking for a second pair of tubes.
oceanica...i just replaced my previous sophia 'princess' with the new sophia 'royal princess' and it is much-much better. read the new review on positive feedback magazines website by jeff really is great.i have about 20 hrs on them and they keep improving but right out of the box were significantly better...soundstage..bass ..mids ..everything...
Calloway, what amplifier(s) are you using with them? Since the OP stated their amplifier of choice for usage in. I recently bought a barely used matched quad set of "royal princess" for use in my Wavelength Cardinal XS amplifier pair.
Oceanica, My amplifiers are too recent to me to have tried different tube pairings, tho, I earlier purchased a pair of Shuguang Black Treasures. I have no complaints with either, but have been too busy enjoying the music to exchange for an attempt at a comparison. I suppose this was not much help:) Interested in your future findings.
Clarification: Wavelength Cardinal uses one single 300B per mono amplifier. Pair in use and back-up pair. Nice:)
isochronism....i have chalice audio 'grail' SET 300B tubes..1 each amp..are the driver tubes in this configuration...( see pic in my 'system' area)..the 'royal princess' tubes are not cheap...~ $ 1200 / matched pair...but they are much better then the sophia 'princess' tubes they replaced and worth the price..hope this helps..dave
You don`t mention a price range,300bs can cost anywhere from 150-2000 USD.A competitor to the Royal Princess in it`s price range is the Takatsuki TA 300b(Japanese).
EML XLS and mesh 300b are very well regarded.

I`ve been using the Shuguang Black Treasure for two years and it sounds fabulous and has been absolutely trouble free. For 600 USD they`re worth every penny.
That new Takatsuki is very intriguing.
Ocenaica, the fact of the matter is that there is no set answer. A while back the choice was clear, if you had the scratch - Western Electric. Now there are several contenders at the top - those mentioned above and a couple of others - as well as some good second tier ( and much more affordable) options. In my opinion, if you can resist thinking of it as a lot of money for tubes, but instead view the expense only as "bang for the buck" improvement of your system, compared to the expenses of all your other components and ancillary equipment, the best are well worth it. Which of the best is the best for you? That will be determined by your personal taste and system synergy. I’m very happy with the Royal Princesses.
I would like to stay in the $600 per pair price range or less. Thanks for all of the insight, Mark
PS. System is as follows:
Nottingham spacedeck TT with SME 309 arm and Zyx Airy 3 s cart.
JLTI phono pre amp, Cayin 300B integrated amp, NOS tubes as rectifiers and for the pre section.
Omega Max Hemp speakers interconnects are crystal cable....
There is a pair of EML's on sale right now, so, maybe you can give them a try, if you like of course.

They are not my.
Any one try the new Genalex 300B?
"Any one try the new Genalex 300B?"

I have a matched quad I'm using in a Cary pp. I'm happy with them.
For Cayin and other Chinese 300B amplifiers designed under 220V AC 50Hz, I would recommend Sophia Electric Carbon Plate Princess 300B tubes for the following reasons:

1. Sophia Electric Carbon Plate Princess 300B was the top of line model from 2006 to 2010. It must be that good to be the flagship model for 4 years.

2.At $600 per pair is a great buy for its sound and long life span.

3. Very different sonic style compared to your mesh Princess 300B tubes. It is the Second best sound only to the Royal Princess 300B from Sophia Electric

4. Sonically, it would transform Cayin and other Chinese 300B amps to another league

5. Magic mid range and the best bass extension for a 300B tube. The high frequency is super smooth.

6. Extra dissapation margin over the 40W rating and still a WE format tube with traditional 300B electro and sonic characters.

question for washington high end audio does ur comment on 10/14/11 re sophia electric carbon plate princess 300b for cayin 300b amp ,,also pertain to the 120v version
tried the sophia electric carbon plate ,very good ,then upgraded to the 1200 per pair sophia electric royal princess
wow, what a revelation like the performers are in my listening area cant really think of anything negative of course no overhyped bass slam,but again thats not what music is all about,cayin a300b set. omega super 6 xrs custom built by Louis @ omega speaker systems ,norwalk ct.DNM solid core precision2 speaker cables again this is my findings and opinions.which is not gospel