Best $3000 - $4000 loudspeaker?

Opinions are welcome.

A few candidates for this conquest:

ATC SCM 35 - Wonderful midrange, altough needs juicy amp(s)
Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60 - A good all-rounder
Audiovector Mi3 Signature - Holographic and dynamic
I have not auditioned a great deal of speakers, but I do have a current favorite retailer. In this price range I would suggest auditioning the Krell Resolution II speakers or the Krell LAT II's. I have not had the privilege of auditioning the forementioned speakers so I do not know how they compare.
I unfortunately used the MA GR-60's for a while. Terrible IMO compared to others in that range. I would add to that list Vienna Acoustics Beethoven, B&W Nautilus 803's (used in that price range), Revel F32, Audio Physic Virgo.
Dunlavy Signiture Series speakers are on Audiogon from time-to-time and represent an amazing value. They are no longer made but the drivers are still available if ever trouble should arise. These are REALLY BIG speakers! Compares favorably to speakers in the 20-30K range.
used dunlavy athenas or cantata...from 2500 to 3500 from what i've seen. I though i stole my athenas at 4300, still do. those models are not really big, are easier to place than the dunlavy IVa's which are the closest in the running and some folks like the highs and overall speaker integration of the athenas better than the IVs. if you blow a driver the replacement won't be matched to the level they were at the shop but 1) how often to speakers cut loose and 2) your room conditions probably contribute more difference to the way each speaker reacts in your room than the speaker matching would. they are the best i've heard well into the $15k range.

I heard some wilson max speakers the other day that were much better but the room was probably a $50k room, the speakers were $40k. transparent top of the line $26k for ten feet of wire speaker cables, $27k worth of halcos, $15 k worth of vtl pre and some $30k three piece cd contraption. It was the first system that made me sence something was lacking in mine but after a day i'd re-adjusted to reality and went back to diggin my system. i'll stick with the athenas and buy my kids an education. try em you'll love em
Consider the Reimer line
1.- Avalon Avatars
2.- Audio Physics Tempo III or Sparks
3.- Gallo Reference (you save money here)

VMPS RM 40's, Winner of the CES a couple of years ago not to mention glowing reviews. They are the best speaker I've heard and are my next speaker. I'd like to hear the Von Schweikerts but you'll be hard pressed to outdo the RM 40's for under ten grand. A true case where superlatives apply. Check out the VMPS circle at The bass is excellent, mids to die for and the highs are also excellent. They use planar mids and ribbon tweeters.
Revel Performa F32
Vandersteen 3A Sigs.
Proac D15, only $3000 for a fun sounding, beautifully finished speaker. Check out the d25 is you want to spend a bit more to get a wonderful speaker with all the attributed of ones costing a lot more.
In my book, the hot tickets are the Gallo Ref 3, the Von Schweikert VR4-jr., and the new VMPS RM30. These are all terrific, state-of-the-art products, albeit very different designs. But I'd start with a listen to the Gallos, given the price and the superb reception to it.
All the above mentioned speakers are high quality stuff. I've auditioned the Totem Forests, Von Schweikert VR4-jrs and Gallo Ref3s recently and owned various planars in the past. But after much soul searching, my vote goes to the Hyperion 938s which I recently purchased. I wrote a review of the Hyps here, if you care.