best $3000 4 ohm amp/pre or AVR for 5.1 media room

I am setting up a 14 x17 ft media room. Speakers=Magnepan 1.6r +surrounds. Panasonic 3000 projector, 90" stewart screen, Blue Jeans Cables.

I am totally confused about receivers or preamp/amp. My budget is $3000. I have looked at Integra DTR9.9, Used Krell HTS with musical Fidelity ht6000, Adcom7607, or Outlaw 997/7500, as well as Denon 5803ci or 4803ci.

I am looking at different options and would like some opinions?? I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED!!!
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I have had the Krell HTS for 5 years with no problems. I use a Krell Showcase amp with 5 amps. I do not video switch. The Krell equipment only handles the audio part of my theater. I use Revel speakers with 2 B15 subs for bass. I think the Krell sounds better than any public theater you will go to. Later on you will want to add a sub since the amp only is about 125 watts per channel.
I was thinking about the krell hts with a demo musical fidelity ht600. It will give me about 180W @ 4ohm. Not a lot of power for the maggies but at least it will be clean. But does the HTS pre amp do HDMI 1.1. or 1.3? Which specific model would you suggest?
Any one have comments about Outlaw or Emotiva?