Best 3 to 6 channel amp for around $1000 - $1500

Looking for at least three channels of amplification for around $1200 or so, but willing to go a bit higher if necessary. Any thoughts?

Set up is 50/50 music and theater, using modified Odyssey Stratos for R&L. I sold my ATI 1506 a while ago, and am looking to replace it with something a little sweeter, more musical, less sterile.

Would like 5 channels to allow for upgrade to 7.1, but need at least 3.



I would highly recommend butler audio. they have 2,3, and 5channel amps that are superb. Look up butler on audiogon after checking out their website. I have a 3 channel and to me it sounds better than jeff rowland 501 s. You can get the three channel new for 1800, i did.
You might consider a Sherbourn 5/1500A. I've had one for a few years now and love it. It can drive just about any speaker.

Will check out Butler - never really thought about tubes...

Any solid state suggestions? Again, I am going without surround, and need advice ASAP. Am kind of all over the place about what I should do... All help appreciated.
Outlaw Audio
Checkout a McIntosh 7106 or something similar. It has 6 channels that can be configured into 3,4 or 5 . When you bridge two channels the power goes up to 300 wpc from 100 wpc into 8 ohms. This can be done by switches on the back of the amplifier. It is a great compromise amplifier between music and movies.
anyone know anyhting about Aragon amps? the 3005 in particular...
Pick up a used Integra Research RDA-7. Awsome amp designed by B.A.T.
I would suggest that you check out the Rotel 1075 5 channel amp that really has a sweet and melodic musical presentation. Boz Scaggs' GREATEST HITS DVD reveals the lovely, delicate and controlled back up vocals of the 2 female singers that gently but distinctly overlays his dominant vocals. The rest of the band sounds so coherent but also distinct in their presentation of rhythm and tone. The whole experience remains musical and nonfatiguing as well as captivating and involving. This amp is priced lower than your indicated price range but don't let that misguide you because it is an awesome amp even in stereo only set up.
I agree that the Rotel RMB-1075 is nice (I seriously considered purchasing one), but I then compared it to the Sherbourn 5/1500A (which I still own after 5 years) and the Sherbourn clearly came out ahead. Much better bass definition, more clarity and top end air, and better dynamics. I compared the two with string, piano, and vocal music, and the Sherbourn excelled at both. The Rotel is good, but within your $1200 price range, in my opinion you can have better.

I suggest that you go back to comparing the two amps after 200 hours of break in period. I can tell you that they have more similarities rather than differences. The only difference that I found was that I had more money left in my pocket to buy other essential audiophile stuff. If that is not an issue to you then go ahead and enjoy your Sherbourn with all its glorious definition, clarity and air. Just bear in mind that I'm also enjoying the same thing with my Rotel.
I know this thread is 5 years old, but I must second the Rotel 1075. Landok hit it right on the head. Very sweet, musical, rich and textured amplifier particularly throughout the midrange. Does not have the last word in top end extension and air, and bass is not as tight and powerful as 1080 and 1090, but overall a VERY satisfying listen - very little to fault considering it's price.