Best 3 "channel" Amp "Under $2000.00" ??? "NEW"

Looking to buy a "good' 3 channel power amp "NEW",for 2k or under. 200 w/p/ channel,or above,I relize we are not in Krell,Pass,or Acuphase terrority.Any suggustions would be most helpfull!! Thank You!! Ron...

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Your $2000 "new" price will leave out the Bryston 6B-ST (which sold new for about $2700), but you might be able to find it used for uner $2k. I use a Bryston 5B-ST (3 x 150 wpc) to drive the center and rear surrounds (and Bryston 4B-ST for the left and right channels), and have been extremely pleased with it. I bought my 5B-ST, used, here on A-gon for $850.

If we stick to your $2k for a NEW unit, however, you should consider the Bryston 5B-SST (about $1700 new); Adcom 5503 (about $1500 new); as well as the 3-channel units from Rotel and Parasound, all of which offer a lot of performance at your stated price range.