Best 3 channel amplifiers under $750?

Any recommendations for the best new or used 3 channel amplifiers for under $750?
I used to have an Anthem MCA30 that worked very well. You should be able to find one used for right around that number.

Audio Refinement Multi 3 .... Used

125 watts X 3 @ 8 ohms

YBA designed, YBA parts, that is built like a tank with YBA superior performance that (used) will comfortably fit under your budget constraints.
This was a >$2K amp new.

Highly recommended... Google the reviews
I second the Anthem MCA30. Very neutral sounding with great punch and rhythm. On the warmish side maybe a B&K Reference 200.3.

Acurus A200x3 is also a very solid amp, very similar in tone/power as the Anthem MCA-30.

I used to have an Emotiva XPA-3. 200w X 3 Channel. It had both balanced and unbalanced inputs. Although I'm aware Emotiva is not very well regarded here, I can only say that for it's price it was a very solid amp.

They cost less because they cut out the middle man
Made in America
Thanks all - this is a nice "short list" of candidates.
Emotiva is not made in America anywhere. The amps are all made in China. I also had the XPA-3 and finally sold it after realizing its limitations with music reproduction. I'd try Anthem used at this price point. 3 channel amps are not common though.
Emotiva's new Receiver is Made in the USA, but you are correct the Amplifiers are not.
I just checked on the Emotiva site and it clearly says made in China on the back of the Emotiva receiver, the Fusion 8100. It does not say anywhere made in USA. I'm not sure where that idea came from, but it's wrong.
Find yourself a used Parasound HCA-2003A. Or if you can up your budget a bit - an Aragon 8008X3. The older stuff is where it's at....

Emotiva's yet to be released XMC-1 AV Preamp will be manufactured in the United States. You seem to get really annoyed by any positive comment about Emotiva.
09-24-14: Matti
"Find yourself a used Parasound HCA-2003A. Or if you can up your budget a bit - an Aragon 8008X3. The older stuff is where it's at...."

And to add to that list, an Acurus A200x3. I currently have one in my main system and have owned and sold another of the 1st generation 200X3. Either are wonderful amps especially to anchor your front soundstage in your HT rig.

Dandycat, you seem unaware of some of the facts regarding Emotiva. The XMC-1 has been out for most of the summer. You can buy one right now. Also, not sure about your odd comment concerning me not liking any positive comment on Emotiva. I responded to an erroneous statement and corrected a couple of them. Facts matter, one can not make up things about a company just because they like it.

No Emotiva amp is made in the US. No product of theirs has ever been, save the brand new XMC-1. That is the simple truth.
Nothing wrong with their Erc3 CD player, I know of none at the price that betters it.

and my amps are McIntosh but best under $750 is EMOTIVA