Best $3,000 speaker/amp combo?

I've got $3,000 to spend on a new 2-channel system. This is for a large den (approx. 16'x22') with a vaulted ceiling. Listen mostly to jazz, Steely Dan/Donald Fagan type pop/rock and a little classical. What's your best-sounding amp (integrated or separates)/speaker combo in this price range?
I'm enjoying a Sudgen Mystro integrated driving Spendor S5e's. Used would be within your budget. There are tons of other choices - integrated amps from Creek, Anthem, Exposure are good ones. Speaker choices are almost infinite.
I'm thinking a pair of used Gallo Ref. 3.1s mated to the NAD 165 preamp and their C275 amp would be a killer combo. The NAD stack can be had (new) for $1500 as can the speakers. See Agon ads for available units...

Anthem 225 integrated for sure. That leaves you $1500 for speakers. Used Vandys, perhaps?
Lucky for you there is so much great used stuff out there (and in here) that 3 large can do some serious audio damage. A decent integrated with a Squeezebox and some of a seeming plethora of speakers...I found some perfect Silverline Preludes recently for 500 bucks! By the way...Donald Fagen's tune "Snowbound" from Kamakiriad kicks butt....something about the bass tone on that cut kills me (just rediscovered that CD...also Walter Becker's solo 'em).
Rega Brio and Dali Minuets. Heard the pair at AudioKharma show and saving my money now.
Reference 3A De Capos ($1200) and Primaluna PL2 ($900-1200)

This is used a very nice sounding combo.
Anthem 225 integrated and Energy Veritas 2.3i (used) would provide loads of detail and transparency for 3k.
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Dynaudio Focus 220 MKII and Sim Audio Moon i5 integrated and
I'd also recommend the Sim Audio Moon i5, with a pair of Devore 8's.
Legacy Sig III (or Classics..maybe even Focus if version 1) speakers and Odyssey amp / preamp (or even use a passive preamp to save some $$) -- maybe consider a Plinius integrated amp. Lively, big, dynamic, and exciting sound. In a room that big, you will want speakers with the ability to fill the room. I would stay away from monitors.
Used Alon V MKIIs recently sold here for around $1K they cannot be beat at that price. They will work great with the type of music you prefer.
I might have two very different recommendations:
1. Yes, Moon i5 and Devore Gibbon 8. Or Naim instead of Simaudio.
2. Rowland Concentra - usually about $2500. And some speakers for $500 for now; upgrade a little later. Getting Rowland may be worth it.
We've whittled it down to exactly 15,752 options.
Used NAD M3 and some new and improved BOSE 901 series 6 mk2's.
At the risk of effectively saying, "you should buy what I have," I will say that my office system, though in a slightly smaller room, makes really nice music. Naim NAIT 5i with Totem Model 1 signatures. Your budget is sufficient to replicate this system if you buy used on the 'Gon.

Happy Listening.
If I were you, I would do as I did :-);
Thiel 3.5's
Theshold S 500 Series II
+ money left over for a quality pre, ss or tube.
The used NAD M3 and BOSE 901 series 6 mk2's are two of the best bang for the buck products that you are likely to find for the money or for a lot more money. And they are a perfect match too!
Odyssey Audio Cyclops integrated amp. 110 Watts $995 ($1300 with upgrade)
Magnepan MG 1.7 $2000

Rega Mira $1200
Rega RS5 $1600

Exposure 2010S2 $1300
Dynaudio Excite x16 $1600

Nad C 326BEE $500
Spendor 3/1p R2 $2700
Hmm, I don't think there's any substitute for auditoning.

I'll just say that for that space, you'll want full-range speakers - you'll be sad if you get some bookshelves that don't go below 50hz!
If you have the room for a larger speaker then you can get a very big high quality sound with the Philharmonic Audio 1 ebony speaker and a Peachtree Nova.

If you have less room then I would suggest the Salk Soundbird speaker with a used McCormack 125 amp and a used Modwright preamp.

Zu Soul Superflys and Redgum RGi120 (outrageously good synergy with this MOSFET amp) or Decware Mini Torii with Dodd Buffer (haven't heard the Mini, but have the full blown Torii 3 and the Mini is supposed to be similarly special with Zu speakers).

I've also greatly enjoyed the pairing of Magnepan 1.6QRs with a Plinius 8200MKII

There is no shortage of great options out there and these are just favorites I've personally achieved rolling amps with speakers I've owned and loved.